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Bracker's Raku Kiln Kit

Bracker's Raku Kiln Kit

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Raku Kiln Kit includes:

1 - Bracker's Raku Kiln
1 - Red Dragon Natural Draft Propane Burner
1 - Case (25) of 2600 F Soft Insulating Fire Brick
1 - 16" Round Thorley Kiln Shelf (5/8" Thick)
1 - 5lb. Crackle Raku Glaze -Dry
1 - Kemper Raku Tongs RK45
1 - Pair Leather Welder's Gloves

Please note that the small 100,000 BTU Burner is intended to be used with a SMALL propane tank (SMALLER THAN 50LBS). For larger tanks (50LBS OR MORE), choose the large burner option.

The Bracker Raku Kiln is a lightweight and portable design for firing ceramic pieces in your own backyard. The kiln we make today was designed by Bill Bracker in the early 1970s utilizing the technology of ceramic fiber. The kiln is made by lining a cage of wire fence material and a metal garbage can lid with one-half inch thick fiber blanket. The fiber is then rigidized with a mixture of sodium silicate and water. The use of the fiber allows the ceramicist to have the insulating qualities of 2.5 inches of soft insulating firebrick, yet it is light enough that anyone is able to pick it up. A complete raku set-up would include the kiln, a burner, a propane tank, a pad of soft fire bricks (or a used kiln lid), a posted shelf for inside the kiln, tongs, a metal tub for water, a metal bucket or can for the raku tongs (which can be very hot after use) and a metal garbage can or tub with something to reduce the fired pieces in, such as leaves, sawdust, or pine needles. Setting up involves laying out the pad, posting the shelf on the pad, setting the pieces to be fired on the shelf, placing the kiln over the shelf and pieces, attaching the burner to the tank, placing the burner in front of the kiln's burner port, and lighting the burner.
Raku Kiln Installation # 1 Raku Kiln Installation # 2 Raku Kiln Installation # 3

Raku Kiln Installation # 4
Firebricks provide an excellent way to post the first shelf. Use three insulating firebricks (2.5" x 4.5" x 9") in a triangular formation, with a "point" of the triangle exactly opposite of the burner port (see middle picture above), which will baffle (or circulate and mix) the flame and heat from the burner. You can place the posting firebrick on the pad of firebrick (or kiln lid) so that the 9" side is either vertical or horizontal. Either way may work best with your individual, unique set-up. Secondly, the kiln's atmosphere is easily controlled. The kiln is equipped with venting (or "peep") holes directly above the burner port. These can be left open or plugged to oxidize or reduce the firing atmosphere. The burner is not a forced-air burner, so a good supply of oxygen to the burner head is imperative. The tip of the burner should be approximately 1/2" to 1" outside of the kiln, but you can also control the atmosphere and speed of firing by moving the burner slightly towards or away from the kiln. Initial firings in a cold kiln should take less than one hour and successive firings should take less than thirty minutes.

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