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Skutt GM1018 Glass Kiln

Discover the Skutt GM1018 Kiln Today for Your Glass Fusing Projects


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Skutt GM1018 Kiln
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Furniture Kit:
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Skutt Glass Fusing Kilns - $149 Flat Rate Shipping Special Online Videos/ PDF

Find helpful information on Skutt Kilns by clicking here or the image below. Discover videos that explain everything from basic kiln maintenance to programming the Skutt KilnMaster digital kiln  controller

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Glass Master Kiln Controller Skutt Lid Lifter
GlassMaster Controller
 The GlassMaster controller is the product of years of research. We asked artists and glass manufactures all over the country what features they would like to see in a controller. The result is a controller that's extremely easy to program and offers the flexibility of a wide array of innovative features.


Optional Lid Lifter
 The Lid Lifter is optional on the Skutt GM1018 kiln. The lid brace has been redesigned for added strength and now has 2 positions. The innovative Center Pivot Design distributes the force on the lid across 2 points as opposed to only one.
Sectional Design on Skutt Kilns Skutt KilnMaster Controller
Sectional Design
We were the first to offer detachable sections, which makes kilns easier to move . One person can move and set up most models and repairs are much easier. Many models allow you to increase capacity with a Blank Ring.
Additionally, you can stack a kiln around large work.


Optional Easy View (Green)
An Easy View is a simple wedge shaped piece of powder coated sheet metal that simply angles the touch pad out so it is easy to see and program. It is especially helpful to people who own older Skutt models that had the touch pad located near the bottom of the control box. It is very easy to install without have to disconnect any wires. One size will fit all full size GlassMaster control box.They are inexpensive and can make programming much easier.

Model Voltage Phase Inside Dimensions Cu. Ft. Max Temp Amps Watts NEMA
Ship Wt. (lbs.)
GM1018 240V 1 23.5" x 18" 4.6 1800˚F 39.4 9456 6-50 50 207
GM1018 208V 1 23.5" x 18" 4.6 1800˚F 40 8320 6-50 50 207

This extremely versatile line of kilns allows for fusing on multiple layers. With Zone Control standard, these models fire each section independently to ensure even firing from the top to bottom. With chamber depths of up to 27″ these kilns are great for large drop molds and annealing tall sculptural pieces.

1.) Multi-sectional, side fired, models offer up to 14 sq/ft of usable shelf space per load. They also have a much smaller footprint than other kilns with similar capacity.

2.) The coated brick lid ensures no particles will fall into your artwork.

3.) Production Artists fuse and slump in side fired kilns everyday.


Skutt Kiln 2 Year Warranty
Skutt 2 Year Warranty

Skutt’s 2 year warranty is straight forward. If you have a failed component on your kiln within 2 years of purchasing it, we will fix it. We will pay parts AND labor. Many of our full service distributors will even repair the kiln on site. Due to the fact that it is possible to exceed the estimated life of a thermocouple before the end of the warranty period, thermocouples are the only items we do not cover under our warranty.







  • GM 1018 EASILY FITS 19.5" SHELF

  • 8″ STAND



Kiln Furniture Kit Example
Example of kiln furniture kit.
Actual kit NOT shown
Skutt GM1018 Kiln Furniture Kit

 (3) 5/8x19.5x19.5" shelves, (16) 4" Posts

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