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Quick Spark Financial FICO score as low as 550. Start up companies with no time in business approved!.
  • Fast & Easy Application
  • Start up Business Accepted
  • Great rates for Established Credit
  • Financing as Low as $1000
  • Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes
  • Wide Range of Credit Approvals
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Since 1979, North Star Leasing Company has focused exclusively on helping businesses grow by providing equipment financing for companies in a variety of industries and by working tirelessly on behalf of vendors and their customers. How do we do it? By forming the right relationships to succeed and by providing exceptional customer service in a timely manner. North Star leasing is a direct funder, thus we take a personal upfront approach to every application

With over 150 years of combined experience on staff, we know the challenges customers and vendors face every day. Leasing equipment, however, should never be a challenge. That's why we give each of our customers the personal attention they deserve. Our upfront honest approach and fast turn around results in a higher number of application approvals. Over the past 30 years, we have financed 35,000 transactions from automotive to plumbing equipment, from phone systems to waste oil heaters, from security key lock systems to healthcare-related software.

Our overriding philosophy is simple: the only way to deserve your business is to earn it. That's why we say, 'When it's for your business, chances are we can lease it." understands that making a kiln or equipment purchase is a big investment. That is why we've partnered with North Star Leasing Company to offer a tremendous financing option with several advantages. Using this program enables people on any budget the opportunity to own a kiln. Some of the significant benefits include:

  • There is no penalty to pay off your lease early
  • Working capital is not tied up
  • Leases are not considered liabilities on a company's financial statement
  • Conserves credit lines for other use
  • Leasing offers a rapid depreciation write-off for tax purposes
  • Longer payment terms than loans
  • Expense every penny of every payment with a fair market value lease
  • Pay tomorrow's cost with today's dollars and minimize inflation risk
  • Help improve ratios and keep a clean balance sheet

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity or to learn more about the program, visit the North Star Leasing Company website.