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Skutt/ Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel

Buy the Skutt/ Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel Today for All of Your Wheel Thrown Projects

Skutt Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel

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Skutt/ Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel w/
Aluminum Splash Pan



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Built since 1970, Skutt Thomas Stuart Signature Series kick wheels are designed for maximum performance and durability. They are built to the highest standards of quality and meet the most stringent demands of both professional and amateur potters.

Some of the kick wheel’s distinctive characteristics:

1. Bolt-together construction allows you to assemble the wheel in place, eliminating the difficulties of transporting the wheel around tight corners and stairways.
2. The frame is made of rigid, rust proof, steel pipe. Its unique 4-point stance offers stability unmatched in the market today.
3. The attached seat is completely adjustable; both forward and back, up and down, and is combined with adjustable footrests, making the Skutt Potter's wheel comfortable for potters of all sizes.
4. The large tabletop and seat are made of selected plywood and are sealed with several coats of a marine varnish for lasting durability. There are anti-skid surfaces on both the footrests and the flywheel.
5. A 140-pound flywheel allows the wheel head to spin much longer. It is accurately cast with two inches of concrete. Each flywheel is individually balanced for precision.
6. The flywheel turns a standard 14" cast aluminum wheel head

Skutt/ Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel
Thomas Stuart Aluminum Splash Pan Thomas Stuart Value Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel Optional Motor Attachment. Buy Today!
Cast Aluminum Splash Pan
 The cast aluminum splash pan is designed to slip on and off with ease. The center is raised to prevent excess clay from dropping onto the upper bearing. It will provide support for resting hands and arms while throwing.
 Skutt Thomas Stuart Signature Series offers a smooth-spinning, precision kick wheel at a reasonable price. It is safe and comfortable for both classroom and studio use and is backed by a four year limited warranty.
Optional Motor Attachment
The motor attachment has a 1/3 horsepower motor, which is totally enclosed to prevent dust from damaging its internal components. The drive system features a rubber drive wheel, which contacts the edge of the concrete flywheel. The motor attachment contains an internal on/off switch that is activated when pressure is applied to the foot lever.
The motor attachment can be added to the wheel at any time without any modification.
2 year limited warranty.

Buy the Optional Motor Attachment Only

Our Price $400.00 + S&H

Features of the Skutt/ Thomas Stuart Kick Wheel
  • Four Year Limited Warranty

  • Floor space: 34" x 37"

  • Height: 31"

  • Assembled weight: 210 lbs.

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