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Shimpo RK Whisper Potter's Wheel Promo

Shimpo RK Whisper Pottery Wheel

Shimpo by Nidec

Shimpo RK Whisper Pottery Wheel

Retail $1,425.00

$1069.88 for 5 or more
Includes a Free Adjustable Stool with each Wheel
*If ordering more than 10, please call us at 888-838-3625

The RK-Whisper represents the next generation of potter’s wheels. Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and quiet. Not just quiet, but QUIET! This wheel is by far the quietest on the market; you can actually throw and hear yourself think at the same time...

The exterior of the RK-Whisper resembles the RK-10, but that’s where the similarities end! This new wheel features a brushless DC motor and direct drive (no belt) system. The motor is electronically controlled and operated by a fixed foot pedal and hand lever. It’s reversible, and the steel body is durable under all conditions. A 12” wheel-head and two-piece splash pan are included as standard features.

Download the Shimpo RK Whisper Manual Today

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Features of the Shimpo RK Whisper Pottery Wheel
  • Motor: 1/2 HP, 400 W, AC 115V, 60 Hz

  • Drive Speed: Direct Drive DC Brushless Motor

  • Speed Control: Remote Foot Pedal

  • Wheelhead Speed: 0~250 rpm

  • Wheelhead Direction: Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise

  • Centering: 100 lbs.

  • Wheelhead: 12 inch light alloy casting, drilled for bat pins

  • Dimesion: 23 1/8 x 27 1/2 x 22 3/4"

  • Shipping Weight: 135 lbs.

  • Brushless DC Motor / Smooth, quiet, powerful, no maintenance

  • Electronic Controller / Maintains desired speed under all load conditions

  • Broad Speed Range / Allows optimum speed under all load conditions

  • Reversibility / Accommodates left and right hand users

  • Built-In Breaker / Motor is protected from overload

  • Wheelhead Turns Freely at 0 RPM / Serves as a banding wheel

  • Two Piece Splashpan / Completes the package

  • 5 Year Warranty

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