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Pottery Wheels

Pottery Wheels are essential to run your studio and a finding a good pottery wheel can be one of the most important decisions you can make. Clay-King's selection of the best potters wheels on the market at the lowest prices ensures that you can find the perfect wheel for your budget without sacrificing reliability.

Shop for Pottery Wheels on sale for studio and classroom use. Save hundreds on professional pottery wheels from top brands such as Shimpo, Speedball, Amaco Brent and Skutt Thomas Stuart.

Picking the perfect pottery wheel for your needs can be a daunting task. Luckily, Clay-King offers only the wheels with the best reputations for quality and longevity so you can be sure whichever wheel you choose will last you for years to come. Which model is best for your needs will vary based on your studio size and desired handling capacity.

For Small Studios or Beginner Potters:
The Speedball Clay Boss and Shimpo VL-Lite are both popular models for all experience levels for their incredible value, performance, ease of use, and 100lb & 25lb throwing capacities respectively. More portable models include the Speedball Artista and Shimpo Artista, both boasting lightweight table-top designs allowing you to throw over 20lbs of clay virtually anywhere with a power source.

Experienced Potters, Schools, Medium to Large Studios:
Potter's with needs for higher centering capacity and durability love the Amaco Brent Model wheels as well as the Speedball Big Boss. The Shimpo's super quiet yet powerful VL-Whisper and RK-Whisper are by far the most popular choice for those wanting a peaceful throwing experience.

Big Pot Potters and Best In Industry Power and Torque:
With no real limit to what these wheels can handle, the Skutt Thomas Stuart line of professional pottery wheels can take anything you throw at it. Whichever model you choose you can rest assured it will surpass all expectations you've had for any other pottery wheel. These wheels are proof that horsepower is no longer the only metric that matters for pottery wheel performance. While there is no denying the higher price tag compared to other brands, what you get is uncomparable to what's currently on the market. Get a Skutt wheel and never again doubt if your wheel can throw that huge pot you've been dreaming about.

Still not sure which pottery wheel is right for you?
Give us a call! We're happy to help you choose the right model for your unique needs.


The cost of a pottery wheel can range between $500 and just over $2,000 depending on the specific model you choose.

Equipment will always be the biggest investment of any studio so choosing a pottery wheel that will support you as you grow may save you from having to purchase another more expensive model later as you increase how much you throw at one time. Some important things to consider at any price point is horsepower, centering capacity, weight of the wheel, length of warranty, and of course any features that would save you time or make throwing and cleaning up more convenient like a removable splashpan or a large space to put your tools.

Buy with confidence! The pottery wheels we sell come with a manufacturer warranty for 2-10 years that will help protect your investment from unexpected issues and factory defects. Remember to register your wheel for the manufacturer warranty as soon as you recieve it.

We're known for offering huge discounts and shipping orders fast but those are not the only reasons to buy your pottery wheel (or any ceramic supplies) from Clay-King. Another reason potters, artists, and makers love to order from us is because we understand them. Most of our team members here are passionate potters who love to help others find success and joy in their own ceramics journey. When you place your order online or by calling our office you are more than just another customer, you are part of the community we love to serve.

If you have hesitations about placing your first order give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Speedball Pottery Wheels for saleSpeedball Pottery Wheels offer high quality performance at an exceptional value. The wheels boast the features and capabilities artists require at a value that can't be matched. Speedball's pottery wheels are the new industry standard and they currently offer four models of potter's wheels to suit your needs.

Speedball Artista

Speedball Clay Boss

Speedball Big Boss

Speedball Boss Elite SQ

Brent Pottery Wheels For SaleAmaco Brent pottery wheels have set the standard for quality since 1969. During that time, they have earned a reputation for dependability that is unsurpassed by other brands. Each wheel is built in the USA with materials, components and workmanship designed to take the punishment of classroom and studio use over the long haul.

Brent B Wheel

Brent B Black Wheel

Brent C Wheel

Brent C Wheel

Brent CXC Wheel

Brent CXC

Brent No.16 Rehabilitation Wheel


Shimpo Pottery WheelsShimpo pottery wheels offer the quietest models on the market today. The VL Whisper and RK Whisper offer responsive high torque speeds, power, and a quiet that must be heard to believe. All of Shimpo's potter's wheels are designed with the potter in mind. Currently Shimpo offers four different models to choose from.

Shimpo Aspire

Shimpo VL Lite

Shimpo VL Whisper

Shimpo RK Whisper

Skutt Thomas Stuart Pottery Wheels For SaleSkutt Thomas Stuart pottery wheels are the ultimate wheels for professional potters, hobbyists and schools. The power and torque of their wheels is unmatched by any other wheel on the market today. All Thomas Stuart Wheels are proudly made in the USA and are designed to the highest standards at prices you will really like.

Skutt Prodigy Red

Skutt Legend Red

Skutt Classic Red

Skutt Thomas Stuart Classic

Skutt Thomas Stuart Professional

Laguna Pacifica WheelsLaguna's Pacifica pottery wheels have been designed, redesigned, and improved upon based on information from potters, teachers and technicians who appreciate the features that the wheels offer for over 20 years.

Laguna Pacifica GT-400

Laguna Pacifica GT-800





Pottery Wheel AccessoriesAccessories for your Skutt Thomas Stuart Wheels, Brent Wheels, Shimpo Wheels, Speedball Wheels, and more. We also have the accessories you need to help you produce your pieces of art such as: bats, stools, splash pans, banding wheels, hump molds, and other potter's wheel accessories.

Brent Pottery Wheel Accessories

Skutt Pottery Wheel Accessories

Pottery Wheel Accessories

Pottery Wheel Splash Pans

Giffin Grip

Pottery Wheel Stools

Pottery Wheel Bats

Pottery Wheel Banding Wheels

Pottery Wheel Hump Molds

Potters Aprons

Mini Pottery Wheels

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