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Lid Master by Giffin Tec Inc.

Lid Master

Lid Master

Lid Master

Make one measurement and you have it's opposite immediately! It's an easy- to- use, accurate way to size lids for pots. You can also make a lid for an already fired pot, by reassembling the wing nut and screw in the 12-1/2% hole. This way your lid will shrink to fit the pot.

The lid master is available in two different sizes:

Lid Master (Max capacity 11" wide)

Large Lid Master (Max capacity 20" wide)

Special Discount Pricing

Purchase 6 or more and receive a 10% Discount

Purchase 12 or more and receive a 15% Discount

Description Price
Small Lid Master


Large Lid Master



Clay Pottery Calipers

Color will vary

CSLID8, CSLID12, CSLID12S, CSLID16 Ceramic Shop Lid Calipers
Buy Description Price
CSLID8 -  8 inch Caliper $9.99
CSLID12 - 12 inch Caliper $12.95
CSLID12S - 12 inch Caliper (Single Sided) $12.25
CSLID16 - 16 inch Caliper $19.50

Stainless Caliper by Artisan Tools SCPO1-4


Artisan Stainless Steel Calipers
Buy Description Price
SCPO1-4 4 inch Caliper Stainless $2.20
OUT SCPO1-8 8 inch Caliper Stainless $3.62
SCPO1-10 10 inch Caliper Stainless $6.95
SCPO1-12 12 inch Caliper Stainless $8.95



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