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Skutt FireBox 8 Glass Kiln

Discover the Skutt FireBox 8 Kiln Today for Your Glass Fusing Projects


Skutt FireBox 8 Kiln

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Skutt FireBox 8 Kiln
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Digital Handheld Pyrometer Thermocouple Balanced Elements
Digital Handheld Pyrometer
 The FireBox 8 now comes standard with the versatile digital handheld pyrometer. The liquid crystal display is easy to read even in bright daylight. This reliable hand-held pyrometer weighs only 5 ounces and measures in degrees F up to 1999F Max temperature. Replace the Type-K thermocouple in seconds with a simple plug-in connection.
 The low mass of Skutt thermocouples ensures that changes in temperature are measured quickly making it one of the most responsive thermocouples on the market.
Balanced Elements
 Nearly all Skutt kilns have Computer Balanced Elements. This means we design the elements so that more heat is put in areas of the kiln that naturally fire cooler. The top and bottom of the kiln lose heat faster than the center so Skutt puts hotter elements (more power) in those areas.

The figures above indicate how a kiln with Balanced Elements will take a naturally unbalanced chamber and adjust it to be balanced.


Model Voltage Phase Inside Dimensions Cu. Ft. Max Temp Amps Watts NEMA
Ship Wt. (lbs.)
FireBox 8 115V 1 8" x 4.25" .17 2000˚F 15 1725 5-15 20 45

The Perfect Small kiln for glass fusing, precious metal clay, ceramics, enameling, knife making...almost anything that you need to get hot. Beginners to advanced artists will love this kiln. The FireBox 8 plugs into any standard 20-amp household outlet and since it is compact in size you can fire it up almost anywhere.

* Fast
You can always fire slower but if you need to go fast this kiln reaches Glass Fusing temperatures in less than 20 minutes.

* Accurate
The easy to read digital pyrometer allows you to know exactly what temperature the kiln is.

* Safe
Unlike other kilns of its size, the FireBox 8 has a hinged lid so you do not have to worry about where to put the hot lid when you want to work inside the kiln. The lid opens over 90 degrees so it is out of your way when loading or working inside the kiln. The kiln is buckled to the base of the kiln so it can't slip off.

* Easy To Use
Using the wooden handle, the lid can be opened with one ungloved hand. The digital pyrometer allows you to precisely tell if the temperature is going up or down making holding at specific 

Skutt Kiln 2 Year Warranty
Skutt 2 Year Warranty

Skutt’s 2 year warranty is straight forward. If you have a failed component on your kiln within 2 years of purchasing it, we will fix it. We will pay parts AND labor. Many of our full service distributors will even repair the kiln on site. Due to the fact that it is possible to exceed the estimated life of a thermocouple before the end of the warranty period, thermocouples are the only items we do not cover under our warranty.






  • 8″ STAND




Kiln Furniture Kit Example
Example of kiln furniture kit.
Actual kit NOT shown
Skutt FireBox 8 Kiln Furniture Kit

 (1) 7x7" square ceramic shelf, (3) 1" Posts
1 lb. bag kilns wash, 10pk. mini kiln liner paper

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