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L&L SM28T-3 Kiln
Discover the L&L SM28T-3 Today for K-12 Schools

SM23T School Master Kiln on Sale Today

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L&L SM28T-3 Kiln

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Shelf Kit:
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Rolling Kiln Stand:
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SM28T Shelf Kit
Optional Shelf Kit Shown

Optional Shelf Kit Includes: Eight 25-1/2" Half Round Shelves (3/4" thick), Six each of 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 6", & 8" high 1-1/2" Square Ceramic Posts

The L&L School Master series are made with teachers and students in mind. Simple operation and high quality make the School Master series a must for the K-12 community.  Proprietary One-Touch Intuitive Kiln Control is designed for busy school teachers - One touch and you are ready to fire the bisque and glaze programs typically used in schools (also easy to adjust simple parameters like cone, delay, hold, heat-up and cool-down rates). You can even create four custom ramp/hold programs.

L&L Ceramic Element Holders 4 Key Control Kiln Brick Reflective Coating
L&L Ceramic Element Holders
L&L Kiln's patented hard ceramic element holders protect your kiln. The ceramic element holder protects the soft fragile firebrick. Replacing elements repeatedly does not damage the brick. Elements don't sag or fall out of broken grooves. You do not need metal pins to hold elements into broken grooves. Customers often say their L&L kilns look new after 30 years of hard use!
Standard 4 Key Digital
 The new One-Touch Intuitive Kiln Control was designed for busy school teachers, contemporary studios, and hobbyists. One touch and you are ready to fire the bisque and glaze programs. No programming is necessary, simple adjustments are easy, yet sophisticated programming is possible.
Proprietary Reflective Ceramic Coating
L&L coats the firebrick with a proprietary reflective ceramic coating which penetrates, binds and hardens the surface of the entire interior of the kiln. This will reduce brick dusting, makes the kiln interior more durable and helps improve energy efficiency.
Rolling Kiln Stand

Rolling Kiln Stand

L&L's rolling kiln stand features heavy gauge (14 ga) galvannealed steel construction with multiple bends for extra strength, steel swivel locking casters, integrated vent collection box support, and guide rails for the kiln. Each size is fitted to the kiln. Important special caution plates are riveted to three sides of the stand. The vent collection box is not included but, when you order a Vent-Sure vent system the longer duct is included with the system.

Additional Features
  • Brick Coating: Reflective coating protects brick and reduces dusting.

  • Temperature Rating: All models rated for Cone 6 (2280°, 1248°C) except for the SM28T-3, 208V/1 phase which is rated for Cone 5.

  • Element Holders: Hard ceramic element holders protect brick.

  • Elements: Six heavy-duty graded elements.

  • Element Connections: Proprietary all-ceramic element connection block makes changing elements easy.

  • Control Panel: All controls and components are mounted in a hinged control panel/element connection box. A layer of insulation and separation plate helps keep the controls cool. Control box can be easily removed for servicing. On/off switch and control fuse are included.

  • Control: One-Touch Intuitive Kiln Control easily fires the bisque and glaze programs typically used in schools. It is also easy to adjust simple parameters like cone, delay, hold, heat-up and cool-down rates. Also four custom ramp/hold programs with 8 segments each.

  • Relays: Mercury Free relays.

  • Thermocouples: Type K 8 gauge with ceramic protection tubes prevent metallic dusting in kiln and result in longer thermocouple life.

  • Peephole Plugs: Non-fragile solid ceramic with heat-locked head. 1" diameter full-view non-tapered. One per section.

  • Power Cord/Plug: 50 Amp NEMA 6-50 six foot cord included for one phase; 50 Amp NEMA 15-50 six foot cord included for three phase.

  • Instructions: Complete visual instructions with control reference, process information, assembly, troubleshooting, and parts list.

  • Warranty: Special Five-Year Limited Warranty.

  • UL isting: Pending.



Inside Diameter 3"


Chamber Height


Cubic Feet

10.2 cu ft

Max Cone-Temp.

CONE 6  2270

Shipping Weight

460 lbs

Voltage 240/208
Phase Single/Three
Controller 4 Key Digital
Amps 48
Watts 11500
Breaker Size 60 amp
Plug Type NEMA 6-50
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