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L&L EL3048 Kiln

Discover the L&L EL3048 Easy Load Series Kiln

L&L EL3048 KilnAn EL3048 is shown with door open

***480 Volt Available

L&L EL3048 Kiln

Retail $25,150.00

Our Price $25,150.00

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Shelf Kit:
Vent-Sure Control:



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Optional Shelf Kit for an EL3048
Optional Shelf Kit for an EL3048

Optional Shelf Kit Includes: (12) 14" x 28" Rectangular Shelves (3/4" thick), (12) each 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 6", and 8" Square Posts, Heat Resistant Gloves and 1 pound of Cone 10 Kiln Wash

The Easy-Load Professional-Grade Front-Loading Kiln meets the needs of schools, studios and potters who need a well-built easy-to-load cone 10 kiln. The proven technology of the Dyna-Trol Program Control automates the firing process. The even element spacing and built in standard zone control ensure even heating. The insulation system features an arch (on all but the EL1824), 3" of firebrick with 2" of mineral wool back-up, and a plug door. The arch brick is 4-1/2" thick. All firebrick sections have interlocking heat-locks to prevent heat leakage. All EL kilns are listed with MET to UL499 Standards.

L&L Ceramic Element Holders DynaTrol Digital Kiln Controller Kiln Brick Reflective Coating
L&L Ceramic Element Holders
L&L Kiln's patented hard ceramic element holders protect your kiln. The ceramic element holder protects the soft fragile firebrick. Replacing elements repeatedly does not damage the brick. Elements don't sag or fall out of broken grooves. You do not need metal pins to hold elements into broken grooves. Customers often say their L&L kilns look new after 30 years of hard use!
DynaTrol  Digital
 The DynaTrol features Dynamic Zone Control. It is like having three controls in one. The DynaTrol separately measures temperatures in the bottom, middle and top of the kiln and automatically adjusts the heat output of three separate heating zones even as the kiln is heating up. Kiln temperatures are automatically evened out to within 1/2 cone or better top to bottom. There is no manual intervention with input switches. There are separate thermocouples (heat sensors) and contactors (power controls) for each of the three zones. You have the ability to adjust the "?lag"? or differential between zones, (anywhere from 5 degrees to 99 degrees).
Proprietary Reflective Ceramic Coating
L&L coats the firebrick with a proprietary reflective ceramic coating which penetrates, binds and hardens the surface of the entire interior of the kiln. This will reduce brick dusting, makes the kiln interior more durable and helps improve energy efficiency.
Genesis Controller

Optional Genesis Touch-screen Controller

Features: touch-screen for the user interface, easy-to-follow instructions, different user interface levels that can be set to match the user's firing knowledge, graphical display of the firing process, continuing use of decades of Bartlett expertise on kiln control.

Add on Option: $125.00

Additional Features
  • Temperature Rating: Cone 10, 2350°F, 1290°

  • Loading: Front-loading.

  • Construction: Solid welded heavy gauge (1/8”) thick steel case with integrated welded stand. Feet
    include anchor points and leveling bolts.

  • Case Finish: Powder coated attractive hammertone blue provides superior corrosion resistance.

  • Door: Heavy-duty door hinges to the left (special option allows it to be hinged on the right). Door
    opens all the way so that the door opening is
    completely unobstructed.

  • Door Plug & Gasket: Brick door has an inset stepped brick plug and fiberglass tadpole gasket around door
    for tightness of seal.

  • Insulation: 3” K23 brick with 2” mineral wool back up.

  • Brick Coating: Reflective coating protects brick andreduces dusting.

  • Arched Roof for Strength: The arch is made of4-1/2” of extra-strong 2500°F K25 arch brick.

  • Peephole Plugs: Non-fragile solid ceramic with heat-locked head. 1” diameter full-view non-tapered. Three per kiln.

  • Element Holders: Hard ceramic element holders protect brick.

  • Elements: Heavy-duty. Elements evenly divided into 3 zones. Elements on the door for even heating.

  • Control Panel: Separate panel is mounted on the right side. 50 amp mechanical contactors with control
    relays. Branch fusing included. The control panel is hinged for easy access. An on/off switch and control
    fuse are included. Direct electrical hook-up to terminal block.

  • Control: DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs, 6 Vary-Fire programs, Pre-Heat, Delay, Program & Segment Review, and Diagnostics.

  • Zone Control: Three zone control for even heating is included.

  • Door Shut Off Switch is Standard: Shuts power off when door is opened.

  • Thermocouples: Type K 8 gauge with ceramic protection tubes.

  • Relays: Mercury free relays.

  • Warranty: Limited 3 year warranty.

  • UL Listing: MET-us listed to UL499 standard.



Inside Width


Inside Depth


Inside Height


Cubic Feet


Max Cone-Temp.

 2350 F

Shipping Weight

2000 lbs

Voltage 240/208/480*
Phase Single/Three
Controller 12 Key Digital
Watts 31.5KW
Breaker Size 175 amp
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