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Vent a fume

is an easy-to-install system designed for the removal of kiln firing emissions. With Vent-A-Kiln, unpleasant fumes, odors, and heat are captured at the source and safely removed from the area.

Pre-engineered, Variable-Height Electric-Kiln Ventilation Systems



Electric kilns use large quantities of high-current electricity to generate the necessary heat to properly fire artwork. In some instances, internal temperatures can exceed 2200º F. Further, the clay medium experiences a metamorphosis, which can result in toxic and odorous fumes exiting the kiln. These heated fumes can accumulate and create an uncomfortable and dangerous environment to work in.

Vent-A-Kiln was the first to create a solution to this problem. By using heat's natural tendency to rise, fumes and heat are safely exhausted away from the work area. This allows the craftsman to create new work while firing ready pieces.

Please measure the exterior dimension of your kiln and choose among the following systems that best fit your size. Remember, if you have a square, rectangular or oval kiln, you must measure the longest dimension; that is, corner to opposite corner. Round or multi-faced kilns need only have the diameter measured.

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Longest Exterior Dimension List Price Our Price  Model
From 19 inches to 23 inches $745.00 $ 725.00 1227
From 24 inches to 28 inches $777.00
1332, 1332/500
From 29 inches to 33 inches $799.00
$ 779.00
$ 879.00
1437, 1437/500
From 34 inches to 40 inches $1,047.00 $ 1,027.00 1544
From 41 inches to 50 inches $1,349.00 $ 1,329.00 1654

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