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Kiln Vent and Kiln Hoods

Vent-Sure by L&L Kilns
L&L Kiln Vent Sure Diagram

The vent blower motor is mounted on the wall. This keeps the heat of the kiln away from the motor (for long motor life) and keeps the motor vibration away from the kiln (which can cause ware to move, damage to the kiln, and misfiring of cones on a Dawson Kiln Sitter).

The vent tubing is kept under vacuum instead of pressure (unlike competitive brands). This insures that any leak in the tubing does not blow noxious fumes into your room.

External venting is safer and surer than venting to the inside of your kiln room with a filter.

The blower vents up to 130 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This will handle up to a 20 cubic foot kiln (and usually larger). More than one vent can be attached to a kiln. Only 1.37 amps.

The blower motor features a 6 foot long 120 volt 15 amp power cord. An On/Off switch is located on the cord.

A vacuum bypass on the kiln bypass/collection box adjusts the amount of venting from the system. Don't waste heat and energy by venting more than you need. Adjust vent to kiln size.

15 feet of flexible expandable aluminum 3" diameter duct is included along with necessary hose clamps. Longer lengths or lengths of 3" stove pipe can be used as well. Length can be as great as 60 feet horizontal or vertical with up to three 90 degree bends.

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L&L Kilns Vent Doubler

L&L Vent Doubler for Venting Two Kilns

Vent Doubler Allows The Use Of One Vent With Two Kilns.

Includes: The T-Duct, one 8-foot flexible Aluminum Duct, and one bypass collection box that goes onto the second stand.

Our Price $230.00

Skutt EnviroVent 2

Skutt EnviroVent 2 on Sale Today

Now you can vent 2 Kilns with one vent. The new 140 CFM Motor allows you to vent 2 kilns up to 12 Cubic Feet each, or one kiln between 12 and 24 Cubic Feet, with one Envirovent 2 Motor.

The new design is wall mounted. This moves the vent motor away from under the kiln so the motor is no longer exposed to the heat and can no longer transfer any vibration into the kiln.

As your kiln heats up the brick expands. When it expands the hot face of the kiln floor, the inside, expands more than the cold face or underside. This causes the slab to cup, or become slightly concave on the bottom. The result is that the center of the kiln floor moves upward at higher temperatures. The spring loaded cup follows the floor ensuring a tight seal throughout the firing process.

Since the vent is wall mounted it pulls the air through the duct work instead of pushing it. This means if you were to ever form a leak in your duct work the fumes would not be pushed into the room.

Now with the purchase of the new Skutt EnviroLink you can control exactly when the Envirovent 2 turns on and off during a firing on a GlassMaster or KilnMaster kiln.

The EnviroVent 2 is a Downdraft Ventilation System designed to extract fumes from your electric kiln and vent
them outdoors before they have a chance to enter the room. Because it is a DownDraft Ventilation System the
EnviroVent 2 also improves the firing atmosphere in the kiln while it is protecting you from the odorous fumes
that can be emitted from certain clay bodies and glazes when they are fired. Venting FAQ's

Here's How It Works

A designated number of holes are drilled in the lid and floor of the kiln either in the factory or on location. A spring loaded plenum cup (see diagram) is placed under the kiln and tensioned between the floor of the kiln and the floor under the kiln. The holes in the floor of the kiln are drilled in a tight pattern so the plenum cup can cover them all. The other end of the cup is connected by 3" ducting to a fan which is generally mounted on the wall. On the opposite end of the fan the air is ducted through the wall to the outside air. The plenum cup has 3 additional holes from which it draws room temperature air to mix with the heated air from the kiln. This serves 2 purposes. Since the kiln air is mixed with cooler room air the air coming out of the end of the vent is never hotter than an average hair dryer. Secondly, the holes in the plenum cup are sized to reduce the vacuum on the kiln chamber so only a small amount of air is moving through the kiln. This ensures the firing time is not affected and the ware is not at risk. The EnviroVent 2 comes with one 8 ft section of flexible heavy gauge aluminum ducting.
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Find out How the Skutt Envirovent can Improve Your Kiln's Performance

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Delay notice: Envirovents will ship at a later date due to manufacturing delays. ETA unavailable at this time.


EV2 Rolling Kiln Stand Vent Adapter

The stand adapter is a bracket that is designed to fit in between the cross supports of your Skutt Rolling Kiln Stand. The EnviroVent2 collection cup is spring loaded so it can move up and down with the bottom of the kiln as the brick expands and contracts.

Without Cup

Our Price $35.00

With Cup

Our Price $84.60

EV2 Cup with Spring and Screw

EV2 Cup with Screw & Spring for Rolling Stand Mounted Kiln

The Envirovent2 Collection Cup with the screw and spring. This model is for mounting the EV2 cup to a rolling kiln stand. This does not include the vent adapter shown above.

Our Price $59.00

EV2 Cup with Plunger and Screw

EV2 Cup with Plunger & Spring for Floor Mounted Kiln

The Envirovent2 Collection Cup with the plunger and spring. This model is for a floor mounted kiln. This does not include the vent adapter shown above.

Our Price $59.00

EV2 Replacement Motor

2449 Envirovent II Replacement Motor

Replacement blower motor for the Envirovent 2 kiln vent.

Our Price $380.00

Skutt EV2 Plenum Stand

Envirovent 2 Plenum Stand

Our Price $13.60

Skutt EV2 Plenum Spring

Envirovent 2 Plenum Spring

Our Price $4.00


Skutt Kaowool Gasket-Plenum

Kaowool Gasket-Plenum

3/16" x 5"

Our Price $7.00

1638 Silicone Tube

1638 Silicone 3oz Tube

Used to seal new Gasket to
EV2 Plenum Cup

Our Price $8.00

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Skutt Dual Intake Kit for EnviroVent 2

Skutt Dual Intake Kit for Envirovent

Skutt Dual Intake Kit

Dual intake kit used for venting two kilns or kilns that are over 12 cubic feet. For use with Skutt EnviroVent kiln vents.

Our Price $220.00


Skutt EnviroVent 2 Additional Ducting

Skutt EnviroVent 2 Additional Ducting

You can run your ducting up to 60 ft without having to increase the ducting size. Your EnviroVent 2 comes with one vent hose connector and 8 ft section of flexible heavy gauge aluminum ducting. Additional length can be purchase if needed.
Skutt EnviroVent 2 Additional Ducting

Our Price $40.00



3" Duct Elbow

3 inch Duct Elbow

Our Price $13.99


Y Duct Connector #2466
3" x 3" x 3"

3 inch Y Duct Connector

Our Price $37.95



is an easy-to-install system designed for the removal of kiln firing emissions. With Vent-A-Kiln, unpleasant fumes, odors, and heat are captured at the source and safely removed from the area.

Pre-engineered, Variable-Height Electric-Kiln Ventilation Systems



Electric kilns use large quantities of high-current electricity to generate the necessary heat to properly fire artwork. In some instances, internal temperatures can exceed 2200º F. Further, the clay medium experiences a metamorphosis, which can result in toxic and odorous fumes exiting the kiln. These heated fumes can accumulate and create an uncomfortable and dangerous environment to work in.

Vent-A-Kiln was the first to create a solution to this problem. By using heat's natural tendency to rise, fumes and heat are safely exhausted away from the work area. This allows the craftsman to create new work while firing ready pieces.

Please measure the exterior dimension of your kiln and choose among the following systems that best fit your size. Remember, if you have a square, rectangular or oval kiln, you must measure the longest dimension; that is, corner to opposite corner. Round or multi-faced kilns need only have the diameter measured.

Click on a model number for pricing and info

Longest Exterior Dimension List Price Our Price  Model
From 19 inches to 23 inches $745.00 $ 725.00 1227
From 24 inches to 28 inches $777.00
1332, 1332/500
From 29 inches to 33 inches $799.00
$ 779.00
$ 879.00
1437, 1437/500
From 34 inches to 40 inches $1,047.00 $ 1,027.00 1544
From 41 inches to 50 inches $1,349.00 $ 1,329.00 1654

Orton Vent Master


How does the Orton Vent Master Work?

A small amount of air is drawn into and through the kiln, collecting fumes and odors while improving firing conditions. Small holes in the kiln lid let air into the kiln. Air is drawn through the kiln drawing fumes and odors out through the floor. The removed gases are then exhausted through ducting to the outside.

Where does it Attach to the Kiln?

There are some vent holes which must be drilled into the floor and lid. We know, it's a new kiln and you don't want to drill holes in it. We don't blame you, but it has to be done. Ordering your new kiln complete with a vent system relieves you of the need to drill. We'll do it for you!! The Vent Master fits underneath the kiln using a small intake plenum. Simply position the plenum under the kiln, taking care to position it within the vent hole area and tighten the turnbuckle for a snug fit.

Why is it important to vent the Kiln?

Many fired products contain organic materials that consume oxygen during the early portion of the firing. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are formed. New air is needed to replace the oxygen that is used.
Many fired products require an oxygen atmosphere to develop properly. Oxygen allows for brighter and more vibrant color, especially red, gold's, luster's and decals. Oxygen also allows for the complete burnout of organics which reduces glaze fit problems like crazing. It also eliminates porcelain mildew due to carbon.

Will it fit on my kiln?

Generally, yes. Most kilns do offer an open area between the bottom of the kiln and floor surface. It's this area that is used for the Vent Master kiln vent.  Please feel free to contact us regarding vent usage on particular models.

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Vent Master Extender Kit

Vent Master Expansion Kit
Expansion Kit allows you to add another kiln at a fraction of the cost of a new vent.

Kit includes:

• Collector Cup
• 3 foot high-temperature hose
• Clamps

Retail: $240.00
Our Price: $216.00

Vent Master Expansion Kit

Vent Master Extender Hose Kit
Vent Master Extender Hose Kit extends the distance between the blower motor and the collector cup.

Kit includes:
• 3 foot high-temperature hose
• Coupler
• Two clamps
Excellent for mounting the vent higher on the wall.

(Maximum recommended length between Collector cup and motor blower is 25 Feet.)

Our Price: $54.85

Orton Vent Master Collector Cup Gasket

Our Price $7.20


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