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Spectrum Glaze

Glaze Stamps Glaze Crayons and Pencils
Low Fire Glazes Glazes Continued

Low Fire & Specialty

    • Low Stone Glazes
    • Raku Glazes
    • Glaze Crystals
    • Multi Pens
    • SuperWriters
    • Raised Accents
    • Metallic

Mid-Range (cone 5-6)

    • Stoneware Glazes
    • Shino Glazes
    • Floating Glazes (cone 4-6)
    • Semi-Transparent & Celadon Glazes
    • Nova Glazes
    • Electric Ash (cone 4-6) Glazes
    • Glaze Crystals
    • Raised Accents

Spectrum Glaze

Spectrum manufactures a large line of glaze that can be fired to many different temperature ranges. Vibrant and exciting colors are the mark of Spectrum glaze.

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