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Mayco is a world leading producer of quality ceramic products for ceramic hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, potters, artists, schools and producers of fine ceramic table and giftware.

Mayco colors boasts a wide variety of ceramic glazes perfect for any project from low to high fire.

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Mayco Low Fire Glazes Cone 05-06

Low Fire
Cone 05-06

Mayco Low Fire Speciality Glazes Cone 05-06

Low Fire Speciality
Cone 05-06

Precious Metal Overglaze (O) »
Crystalities (S) »
Jungle Gems Crystals (CG) »
Astro Gems (AS) »
Designer Liner (SG-400s) »
Non-Toxic Speciality (SG) »
Mayco Mid Range Glazes fired to Cone 5-6

Mid Range
Cone 5-6

Stroke & Coat (SC)* »
Stoneware (SW, SD) »
Stoneware Flux (SW, SD 400s) »
Mayco Washes(SW-300s) »
Freeze Policy

*Many of the Stroke & Coat® colors perform well at mid-range (cone 5-6) and high (cone 9-10) temperatures. Darker colors – green, red, blue, orange, purple – will maintain much of their original color value (they may darken a bit compared to cone 06 results). Lightly pigmented colors – pink, yellow, tan, lighter purples – will fade. Always test to see if this application variance will work on your specific project. The cone 6 color information is found on the left-hand side of the label for each Stroke and Coat® color (under “Special Notes”). Mayco recommends testing for clay body compatibility prior to use on work.

Mayco Colors Glaze Sets

Glaze Sets

Mayco Glaze Kits »
Mayco Pottery & Glaze Accessories

Pottery Accessories

Designer Silkscreens »
Designer Stamps & Mats »
Designer Stencils »
Overglaze Brushes »
Glaze Applicators & Bottles »
Precison Tip Applicators »
Glaze Pencils & Crayons »
Stamps, Rollers, & Textures »
Mayco Resources & Information


Lesson Plans » Coming Soon
Stroke & Coat Cone 06 Chart »
Stroke & Coat Cone 6 Chart »
SW-401 Flux Combinations »
Mayco More Info »
Mayco Glazes
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