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Glaze Stamps Glaze Crayons and Pencils
Low Fire Glazes Glazes Continued

Low Fire (cone 05-06) Non-Toxic

    • Stroke & Coat
    • Speckled Stroke & Coat
    • Stroke & Coat Accents
    • Foundations
    • Fundamentals Underglaze
    • Crystalites
    • Elements & Elements Chunkies
    • Classic Crackles
    • Pottery Cascade
    • Clear Glazes
    • Designer Liner
    • Non-Toxic Specialty Glazes
    • Raku Glazes

Low-Fire Specialty

    • Jungle Gem Crystal Glazes
    • Astro Gems

Mid-Range (cone 5-6) Non-Toxic

   • Stroke & Coat (some fire to cone 6)
     *Please refer to Mayco's High Fire Guide*
   • Stoneware Glazes
   • Mayco Washes

Decorating Accessories

    • Designer Silkscreens
    • Designer Stamps & Mats
    • Designer Stencils
    • Glaze Applicators & Bottles

Mayco Colors

Mayco is one of the world’s leading producers or quality ceramic products for ceramic hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, potters, artists, schools and producers of fine ceramic table and giftware.

Mayco was founded in 1951 and produces its products in a 75,000 square foot plant in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. We distribute our products through a world-wide network of distributors, dealers and catalogs.

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Mayco Stroke and Coat Comparative Charts cone 06 and cone 6

Mayco Stroke & Coat Cone 06/Cone 6 Comparative Charts

Examples of Stroke & Coat glazes when fired to Cone 06 and Cone 6.

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Mayco Interaction Beauty with SW-401 Flux

Mayco Movement Interaction Beauty with SW-401 Flux

Examples of using SW-401 Flux in combination with other Mayco glazes to produce a "flowing" effect.

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Fine Line Mayco

New Precision Tip Applicators for Mayco Small Bottles

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