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Mayco Glazes Ship Free at Clay-King

Mayco Glazes ship free from Clay-King. Our wide variety of high quality, Mayco glaze ensures you'll always find the perfect glaze for any project from low to high fire. Mayco glazes are perfect for ceramic hobbyists, professional potters, and schools.

Take a look through our huge collection of Mayco glazes for the best deals & savings.
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Mayco Low Fire Glazes Cone 05-06

Low Fire
Cone 05-06

Mayco Low Fire Speciality Glazes Cone 05-06

Low Fire Speciality
Cone 05-06

Precious Metal Overglaze (O) »
Crystalities (S) »
8 New Colors!
Jungle Gems Crystals (CG) »
Astro Gems (AS) »
Designer Liner (SG-400s) »
Non-Toxic Speciality (SG) »
Mayco Mid Range Glazes fired to Cone 5-6

Mid Range
Cone 5-6

Stroke & Coat (SC)* »
Stoneware (SW, SD) »
Stoneware Flux (SW, SD 400s) »
Mayco Washes(SW-300s) »
Freeze Policy

*Many of the Stroke & Coat® colors perform well at mid-range (cone 5-6) and high (cone 9-10) temperatures. Darker colors – green, red, blue, orange, purple – will maintain much of their original color value (they may darken a bit compared to cone 06 results). Lightly pigmented colors – pink, yellow, tan, lighter purples – will fade. Always test to see if this application variance will work on your specific project. The cone 6 color information is found on the left-hand side of the label for each Stroke and Coat® color (under “Special Notes”). Mayco recommends testing for clay body compatibility prior to use on work.

Mayco Colors Glaze Sets

Glaze Sets

Mayco Glaze Kits »
Mayco Pottery & Glaze Accessories

Pottery Accessories

Designer Silkscreens »
Designer Stencils »
Overglaze Brushes »
Glaze Applicators & Bottles »
Precison Tip Applicators »
Glaze Pencils & Crayons »
Stamps, Rollers, & Textures »
Mayco Resources & Information


Lesson Plans » Coming Soon
Stroke & Coat Cone 06 Chart »
Stroke & Coat Cone 6 Chart »
SW-401 Flux Combinations »
Mayco More Info »
Mayco Glazes
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