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Shimpo Slab Roller

Shimpo by Nidec

List $953.00
$739.00 Delivered

Shimpo Slabroller 30 inch

Heavy-duty slab roller can produce up to a 3" thick
slab. Two-roller system evenly distributes pressure
on slab to reduce warping. Dual hand wheels
and thickness indicator provide synchronized
fine adjustment and allow for precise control
of slab thickness. Wagon wheel handle
provides effortless feeding of slab through 
rollers in either direction. Large 30" x 50" table.
Comes with one canvas set.
1 Year Warranty

Shimpo Slab Roller

Clay-King Price Match

List $953.00

Clay-King Price:

Extra 2 Piece Canvas Set:
*Our Generic Canvas Set is the same quality canvas set
as Shimpo's and ships via USPS from Clay-King and will
arrive separately.
Generic Canvas Set Temporarily Out of Stock
Shimpo's Canvas Set ships directly from Shimpo.

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