Peter Pugger Vacuum Hydraulic Power Extruder

VPE-8SS Stainless Steel Vacuum Hydraulic
Power Extruder

Extruding has never been easier! Peter Pugger's introduces the latest in extruding technology. With new vacuum dearing capability, the VPE-8 studio power extruder eliminates the issues that are inherent with traditional manual wall extruders and air assisted power extruders. With hands free control, sealed extruding chamber and plenty of force to extrude even the toughest shapes (large or small), Peter Pugger's new VPE-8 is the solution to those challenging projects. USA made.


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Vacuum Chamber: The patented vacuum chamber acts as a separation chamber (located between the cylinder head and the processing chamber) to protect the vacuum seals and hydraulic system as a result of overfilling the Power Extruder. The excess clay can be easily removed from the vacuum chamber if overfilling occurs.
Sealed Chamber: Moist clay can be stored indefinitely since all openings are sealed.
Extruder Output: Switch to EXTRUDE after a batch is loaded and the Power Extruder will begin extruding material using hand or foot operated controls.
Stainless Steel Construction: The Power Extruder main chamber, hydraulic push rod plate and nozzle are made of stainless steel to ensure clay processing without iron contamination.
Vacuum Deaired: Entire batch can be thoroughly deaired by starting the vacuum pump once batch has been loaded. Air is removed from around "clay chunks" leaving an air-free, high quality product.
Variable Speed: Variable speed allows the operator to control the speed of the motor, thus the speed of the extrusion. This control is especially useful when extruding small objects through dies attached to the nozzle.
Hand and Foot Operation: The Power Extruder can be operated using hand or foot pedal controls.
Rapid Retract: Once the complete batch of material has been extruded, switch to "RAPID RETRACT" to quickly bring the cylinder head back into position for reloading.


Vacuum is provided by a 1/3 HP double-headed rocking piston diaphragm pump. These new technology pumps are the simplest and quietest vacuum sources available. They are maintenance free and long lasting.


Maximum Batch Capacity 25 LBS
Dimensions 16" W x 60" L x 53" T
Crated Weight 300 LBS
Operating PSI 1500
Hopper Door Size 5.25" W x 5.25" L
Extrusion Size Multiple Configurations
Hydraulic Motor ** High Pressure - 110V 8 amps
Force 9000 LBS
Stroke 14"

**220V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz and other motors are available on special orders

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