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The Kiln Book

The Kiln Book is the definitive guide to pottery kiln construction. Since this breakthrough book was first published more than thirty years ago, it has shown generations of ceramicists how to build safe, economical, and fully functional kilns that meet their specific creative needs. The revised fourth edition continues to cover all aspects of kiln construction through step-by-step instructions and detailed diagrams, with new information on alternative fuels and the latest designs.

The Kiln Book

Third Edition
Frederick Olsen
Hardcover, 282 pages


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Mastering Kilns and Firing

Fall in love with flames, wood, and the effect that unique firing methods have on pottery. Move beyond the electric kiln and explore the dramatic surfaces of raku, the flashes of salt firing, and the rustic look of ash rivulets. In this book, Lindsay Oesterritter provides a crash course in the most accessible methods of alternative firing. Raku firing requires minimal equipment and can easily be fueled with a standard propane tank. Likewise, pit and barrel firing do not require much in the way of initial investment. Yet all these techniques provide an immediate glimpse into the magic of firing. Bright reds and blues, dramatic black and white crackle, even metallic luster are instantly possible. For more experienced potters and studios looking to offer more, Oesterritter also explores wood-fired kilns. Drawing on years of experience and extensive interviews with fellow wood-fire potters, there is no comparable resource on the market.

Mastering Kilns & Firing

Lindsay Oesterritter
Hardcover, 192 pages


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Electric Studio Making and Firing

The relatively inexpensive electric kiln is probably the single most important reason that ceramics has become so popular today. With many improvements over the years, electric kilns are now safer, more efficient, and easier to use than ever before. Every major manufacturer has better controls, more insulation, and creative design features that make it possible for almost anyone to load and fire their work successfully with little effort.
In Electric Studio: Making & Firing, you'll discover how to select the kiln that’s right for you, understand how to maximize its potential, learn how to maintain it and make simple repairs, and explore various firing techniques to achieve spectacular results once reserved only for large fuel-burning kilns.

Electric Studio:
Making & Firing

Bill Jones
Softcover, 144 pages


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Saggar Firing In An Electric Kiln

Learn how to use an electric kiln to attain the natural earthy colors and spontaneous patterns of alternative firing methods.

If you enjoy the adventure of alternative firing but have only an electric kiln, this is the guide for you.

  • Learn how to use an electric kiln to attain the natural earthy colors and spontaneous patterns of alternative firing methods.
  • Step-by-step instructions together with nearly 200 photos show how to get good results with saggar firing in an electric kiln, without damaging your kiln.
  • Understand every aspect, from making the saggar and understanding your work's requirements to using terra sigillata, firing the kiln, and more.

Along with clearly supplying the exact parameters you need to succeed, the guidance here also allows you the space to experiment and use your own creativity. This resource helps you extend your work with the colors and freedom of alternative firing.


Saggar Firing In An Electric Kiln:
a Practical Handbook

by Jolanda van de Grint
Hardback, 96 pages
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Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques 

Ceramic artists often find the unexpected marks made when clay, heat, and smoke interact to be among the most intriguing and challenging of finishes to perfect and reproduce. Achieve stunning textures and colors from different clay-firing techniques: raku, saggar, pit, and barrel. Five skilled ceramists who have mastered some great low-temperature, fast-firing processes share their secrets and techniques. If you're a beginner, you'll learn the basics; if you have experience, there's a great deal of information here that will enhance your knowledge and satisfy your search for new and exciting techniques

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques

James C Watkins & Paul Andrew Wandless
Paperback, 128 pages


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 Raku, Pit & Barrel Firing Techniques

Move beyond a basic understanding of how to apply and fire glazes so that you can make the best choices for your ceramic work.  Not only will you develop the skills necessary to make glazes an integral part of your artistic process, you'll also come to recognize their vast potential and be encouraged to experiment with new surface effects.  Learn how to do everything from mixing to firing glazes.

Raku, Pit & Barrel Firing Techniques

Paperback, 144 pages


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 Smoke Firing Jane Perryman explores creative possibilities of this time-tested yet liberating method in Smoke Firing: Contemporary Artists and Approaches. After a brief introduction to the cultural history of smoke firing, Perryman and leading ceramics practitioners share the latest ideas and innovations in the use of bonfires, containers, earth pits, saggars, and kilns. As artists from 17 countries discuss their work, they reveal the meaning and inspiration behind their creations. Smoke Firing contains dozens of full-color photographs of ceramics and ceramicists in action. Smoke Firing
Jane Perryman
Paperback, 256 pages
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 Low Fire Soda After years of experimenting with earthenware in a variety of atmospheric kilns, Justin Rothshank has compiled all his know-how into this helpful guide. Low-Fire Soda is a start-to-finish resource that outlines everything from the different types of clay bodies to use, to decorating and glazing techniques, wadding and loading strategies, firing tips, post-firing ideas, and much more.
Whether you're interested in learning about faster, more economical atmospheric firings, or you’re intrigued by the expanded color palette of low-fire clay materials, Low-Fire Soda has the information you need to start exploring low-temperature atmospheric firings.
Low Fire Soda
Justin Rothshank
Paperback, 144 pages
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