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Freight Delivery Checklist for Kilns and Pottery Wheels that weigh over 100 LBS

Freight Shipping Required on This Item


Regarding Damages and Shortages


When you sign for delivery, even if the package appears only slightly damaged, please write "Package Damaged." on Freight Bill.  If the package looks significantly damaged, you may refuse delivery. In this case, please notify us so that we can expect the return shipment. Once the package returns to us we will send you a new one as soon as possible.

  If your freight shipment is found to not contain all the boxes as indicated on the freight bill, Please Mark The Freight BILL SHORT !!  This is important - The freight company nor Clay-King will be responsible if you sign the Freight Bill Clear and Free.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you sign for receipt of a shipment: can no longer be held responsible, monetarily or otherwise, for any damages which may occur or become apparent afterwards; nor can we be held responsible for any additional shipping or repair charges which may be required to rectify the situation.  If you do find concealed damage after signing for receipt of a shipment, you should immediately begin a 'concealed damage' claim with the shipping company. 


Please read the following information carefully-- it might save you a lot of hassle (and money) later!  If you are purchasing a kiln (over 100 lbs) online, you can add residential delivery/ liftgate service to your order at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE-- If you are ordering online and require the additional freight services outlined below, PLEASE ADD THEM TO YOUR SHOPPING CART ORDER NOW!  Freight companies often charge much higher rates for these services than we do and will require a separate cash payment upon delivery!  


Many of the kilns and some pottery wheels (that weigh over 100 LBS) on our website require delivery via freight carrier (18-wheeler).  Here's what you need to know:
  • Flat shipping rates seen on our website are for business addresses only.
  • Residential deliveries are subject to surcharges as high as $80.00 by the freight company-- we only charge a flat $15 additional for a home delivery.
  • Home Delivery is a basic service that DOES NOT include kiln setup, placement, uncrating kiln, or disposal of crating and packaging materials.
  • Additional delivery charges could occur for delivery addresses that are not accessible by lift-gate truck or commercial vehicles.  (An example of this type of situation would be a mountain cabin located on a  winding dirt road on the side of a mountain.)
  • Lift-gate service is often required for large or heavy kilns-- this is a tailgate elevator that lowers your kiln to the ground from the truck-- carriers charge as much as $120.00 for lift-gate service, but we charge a flat $50 additional for lift-gate service and residential.
  • In order to qualify for lift gate service, the delivery address must have a paved smooth driveway in order for the delivery service to be able to move the kiln and pallet!
  • Please note that your shipment will arrive on a 53 foot 18 wheeler. These trucks cannot access every road in the US and cannot travel on gravel roads. In these remote cases, you may have to meet the driver and receive your kiln at a remote location.
  • Attention residents of NYC, Chicago & major metropolitan West Coast Cities! Freight charges to your area can be up to 4 times higher than shipping rates given on our site. We will e-mail Shipping quotes to you for approval before processing your order.
  • Freight shipped inside the Contiguous U.S. Addresses. We ship freight only to the 48 interior states. The advertised shipping rates only applies to the 48 interior states. Anything shipped outside of that area, must be delivered to a freight forwarder that you must set up. Once the freight is delivered to the freight forwarder of your choosing, we are no longer responsible for your delivery.

  If you have any questions or concerns regarding a freight shipment, please contact us by phone at


or by email at

Thank you for your business-- we greatly appreciate our customers and want to make sure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible! 

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