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Pottery Wheel Accessories


The Potters Centering Tool

Sure-Center was designed to be quick to mount and easy to use.

  • Left handed or right handed – Sure-Center will accommodate both.
  • Weak wrists, difficulty centering – Sure-Center makes it easy.
  • Sure-Center has a gripped handle to make control easy and comfortable.
  • Made of steel, Sure-Center won’t fail you. Weight 5.5 lbs. Well balanced.
  • Sure-Center will give you years of easy and quick clay centering.

Royal Blue, softer rubberized hand-grip, powder coated on all surfaces (provides a tough, very smooth, long lasting surface) now with thread coupled collapsible platen to tube and it’s easy to separate, ‘Guide Glide’ protects the tube surface from wear and scaring – Sure-Center Gen 2 uncouples to only 24″ for easy storage and/or transport.
Made in the USA.

Retail $199.99
Our Price: $179.88


Clay Shield


ClayShield comes with 14 Panels that are each 4 1/8" wide and 8 3/4" tall. They form a 20" circle when placed together. Your actual working circle will be larger because you'll need to allow an opening for your hands to work while trimming. The actual diameter of the circle will also depend on the type of splash pan you have (if you need to cut two panels to tuck under a splash pan.) Typically, the set gives enough space for most potters.

Retail $34.99
Our price: $29.74


Work Station

List Price $150.00
Our Price


Pacifica Work Station
For Brent, Shimpo and Skutt-Thomas Stuart Wheels
The Work Station triples your workspace to more than 7 square feet while putting your tools at your fingertips and saving repeated trips to the ware cart. Installs in five minutes or less. Fits several popular brands of potter's wheels.
add 1 piece of 1" x 6" Plywood for the Middle Shelf.

Please note: This WILL NOT work with Brent IE, Brent IE-X, Brent IE-R, Speedball Clay Boss, Thomas Stuart Premier and Thomas Stuart Prodigy

*Please call for compatibility with your wheel*

Note: Potter's wheel and middle plywood shelf
 pictured are not included.
the 2 outer shelves and cup holders are INCLUDED

Shipping Weight: 28.00 lbs


Potter's Aprons

Potter's Split Leg Apron

Split Leg Apron

Cotton Canvas 10oz Split Leg 
2 Large Waist and 2 Chest Pockets 
Crisscross Straps with Waist Grommets 
2 Harness Straps on Each Leg 
Reinforced at Leg Division


Amaco Brent Bat Mobile

Our Price $475.88

New and improved design!
Welded support rails offer added strength and stability and side frames include holes to adjust the top two rails for holding larger diameter bats (see inset photos above).

This strong steel cart glides on 4" diameter rubber swivel casters and is a great place to store your unused bats. Once in place the casters can be locked to prevent rolling. It holds up to 90 - 14" bats, with adjustable shelves for almost any size bat and a top shelf that can be used on a ware cart. And to keep them securely in place, the Batmobile includes the Brent BatBrace (see photo). Acting like a "bookend", the BatBrace keeps up to 50 12" or 14" Plasti-bats from sliding. BatBrace also sold individually if more than one is desired.

Bats (shown in photo) not included in price. The frame is powder coated for greater durability and improved scratch and corrosion resistance. Assembled dimensions: 47 3/4" wide, 36" high, 14 1/2" deep.


Amaco Brent Bat Mobile  Our Price $475.88

 Bat Pins
Standard Bat Pins
Standard Bat Pins (~7/8" Long)
Bat Pins for Thomas Stuart and some Brent Wheels (~1.25" Long)

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