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Olympic 2827G Kiln

Olympic Raku Kilns on Sale Today

Olympic 2827G Raku Kiln


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Olympic 2827G Kiln

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Fuel Type:
Shelf Kit:
Ignition Ring:
Stand w/ Castors:
*Low Pressure Regulator:

*Does not include hose. Low Pressure Regulators not needed under most circumstances with natural gas

Shelf kit includes: 6 – 24" x 12" half round shelves,
6 ea – 3, 6, 9, 12 inch large square posts, 1 lb bag
kiln wash

Note: This kiln is custom built and will take 6-8 weeks to ship

Olympic Kilns have a flat rate $1149 shipping to anywhere in the continental USA
Olympic Raku & Torchbearer gas kilns bisque, high fire (cone 10), reduce, and raku. Olympic updraft gas kilns are constructed from durable firebrick and are equipped with venturi burner systems to ensure even temperature firings.

Olympic Raku gas kilns are especially designed for raku work by retaining heat in the firing chamber when elevated by the turn of a hand winch, allowing easy access, while trapping the heat in the kiln and away from the operator.

Today potters can create the ancient Japanese technique, raku and its unique beauty, metallic luster and colors with an Olympic Raku kiln. The raku process involves reducing (starving the oxygen) the glazed raku pottery in combustible materials such as leaves, sawdust, newspaper, etc. When the pieces are ready to take out of the kiln, they are placed in galvanized trash containers with combustible materials and covered. Once the pieces are cooled down, they are removed from the containers, washed and reveal the rich warm effects of raku.
Olympic Torchbearer Raku Kilns will reach cone 10 on propane or natural gas. It is easy to adjust your kiln for oxidation, reduction, or raku firing. The multiple burner configuration gives the Torchbearers very even heating characteristics, fast controllable firing times, and economical operation. Model comes with frame welded to firing chamber, two peephole plugs, brick for covering porthole on top during reduction, instruction manual, and warranty card (one year warranty)  

Ignition Ring and Thermocouple Safety Valve enables the multiple burners to be ignited from one point, keeps the burners lit and shuts the gas flow off if the burners are not ignited. The Pyrometer enables accurate temperature monitoring of your kiln during firing.
Model Gas
Inside Dimensions Cu. Ft. Cone/Max Temp BTU Burner
x 1000
HR Total
Gas Pipe
Inside Dim
No. of
Orifice Size
Water Column Pres Ship Wt. (lbs.)
2827G LP/NG 28.25 x 27 10 Cone 10 2350°F 70 280,000 3/4 4 #40 • 9/64 11"/7" 495
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