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Duncan Specialty Glazes

For creating a variety of special effects, including texturing and antiquing looks.
Snow: This fired dimensional product produces billowy white texture that simulates snow. This specialty glaze is used mainly as an accent glaze on Christmas items and to create fun accents on animals and can be applied up to 3/4-inch thick.

Duncan Specialty Glaze Patch-A-Tatch


How to use Patch-A-Tatch®

1. Gently scratch crisscross lines on areas to be joined.
2. Using a soft brush, moisten scored areas or broken edges with water. Use the same brush to apply a good coat of Patch-A-Tatch to these areas.
3. Quickly attach or fit the pieces together and hold securely for a few seconds.
4. Brush a little Patch-A-Tatch over the joint and, when set and thoroughly dry, scrape, sand, sponge or otherwise finish, and the piece is ready for decorating or firing.
5. Clean up with water.

Fires to Cone 04

Retail: $3.75  4oz.

  4oz $2.82

SY547 Wax Resist

This water-based emulsion is formulated to protect design areas or colors, making application of background or adjoining colors faster and easier, and fires off.

Wax Resist

How to use Wax Resist

1. Shake jar and stir well.
2. Always dampen brush or sponge thoroughly with Duncan Brush Cleaner and squeeze out excess before loading with Wax Resist.
3. Apply 1 good coat of Wax Resist over greenware, bisque, underglaze or glaze.
4. Allow Wax Resist to dry thoroughly before proceeding with technique.
5. Gently remove excess color from resist areas with a dampened sponge before firing.
6. Fire greenware to shelf cone 04.
7. Remove any loose particles of fired underglaze with stiff brush before glazing. Glaze fire to shelf cone 06.
8. Clean brush in Brush Cleaner and rinse in warm water immediately after use. Wipe rim of jar and inside of lid, then close tightly.

Tips & Techniques

1. For underglaze designs, apply base coat of underglaze color to greenware. Paint design with Wax Resist over base coat. When design is thoroughly dry, apply contrasting color over the ware. Bisque fire to shelf cone 04. After bisque firing, remove loose underglaze particles with a stiff brush before glazing.
2. For glaze designs, paint designs with Wax Resist directly on shelf cone 04 bisque or over 3 coats of dry, unfired glaze applied to shelf cone 04 bisque. When Wax Resist is dry, apply 1 coat of a second glaze color over the ware. Fire to shelf cone 06.


Retail: $3.50  2oz.

  2oz $2.63

Duncan Specialty Glaze Fired Snow


How to use Fired Snow
1. Stir well to a smooth consistency. Do not add water.
2. Apply heavily to shelf cone 04 bisque. Use a palette knife, brush, sponge, ice cream stick or squeeze bottle. Avoid thin application.
3. Apply over unfired glaze.
4. Fire the shelf cone 06.
5. Clean up with water.
6. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
Tips & Techniques
1. To obtain a different look, tint or accent Snow with E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes.
2. Fired snow can simulate more than just snow, use it for ocean foam, clouds, etc.


Retail: $4.25  4oz.
Retail: $13.00  Pint
4oz $3.19
Pint $9.75


Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleaner AS952

Retail: $5.05  8oz.

  8oz $3.79

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