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Steve Tool w/ 5 Staggered

The Steve Tool

Steve Tool w/ Single Disk

 Shown with Single Disk

Steve Tool w/ Dual Disks

Shown with Dual Disks and Spaced

Steve Tool w/ Offset Disks

Shown with Offset Disks


The New Steve Tool

The Steve Tool is a texture application tool.  It is a re-invention of the wheel designed specifically for clay. It doesn't clog easy so you get lots of raw texture!  Use the tool to apply texture to thrown or hand built work. The same Steve Tool can be configured into many variant designs by rearranging the disks over the shaft in assorted patterns.  Loosen the nuts, adjust the disks into alternate locations & retighten the nuts.  It's just a wheel, so let it spin. 

To use The Steve Tool, throw a cylinder.  Scrape the side clean with a rib.  Roll the texture wheels around the spinning cylinder & move slowly up the cylinder (or fast, your choice).  The Steve Tool comes complete with 5 texture disks, wood handle, and hardware to configure the tool.


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The Steve Tool


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