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Speedball Art Pottery Wheels

Affordable solution to your pottery wheel needs from a company that prides itself on great customer service and high quality products. The Speedball line up includes the popular Clay Boss, Artista, Big Boss, and the Boss Elite SQ.  Find the right Speedball pottery wheel to match your budget at!

Speedball Artista Pottery Wheel

 1/3 HP

Save 20%

Speedball Clay Boss Pottery Wheel

Clay Boss
1/2 HP



Save 23%

Speedball Big Boss Pottery Wheel

Big Boss
1 HP


Save 20%

Speedball Boss Elite SQ on Sale

Boss Elite SQ
1 HP



Save 20%

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Pottery Wheel Accessories

Adjustable Stool
Wheel Bats
Pottery Tools
Lid Master
Giffin Grip

About Speedball Art

Speedball has spent over a decade dedicated to providing ceramic artists of all ages and skill levels with an impressive range of  high-quality products.  From pottery wheels to underglazes & glazes, bats and stools, Speedball’s entire line of ceramics products is the ultimate combination of performance and value.  

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