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Below you can link to our manufacturers' websites and connect to the listed pages for lots of useful information. These pages can prove invaluable when considering your kiln or wheel purchase.

Manufacturers' Websites
 ∙ Cone / Temp. Conversion Chart
 ∙ Before Buying a Kiln  ∙ Cress Kiln Warranty
 ∙ Cress Kilns  ∙ Firing Your Gas Kiln
 ∙ L&L Kilns  ∙ Firing Your Manual Kiln
 ∙ Mayco Colors  ∙ General Installation and Firing Tips
 ∙ North Star Equipment  ∙ L&L Kiln Warranty
 ∙ Olympic Kilns  ∙ Making a Patio Lantern
 ∙ Paasche Airbrush Co.  ∙ Olympic Kiln Warranty
 ∙ Paragon Kilns  ∙ Paperclip Test
 ∙ Scott Creek Pottery  ∙ Thomas Stuart Wheels Warranty
 ∙ Shimpo Ceramics  ∙ Troubleshooting
 ∙ Skutt Thomas Stuart Wheels  ∙ Paragon Kilns Warranty

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