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Skutt KilnLink

What is KilnLink?

KilnLink is a cloud based Kiln Monitoring System that allows you to check the status of your kiln from anywhere you have access to the internet.



How Does it Work?

KilnLink connects your kiln to the internet and feeds information from each firing in real time to the KilnLink Database. Authorized users just log on to their account using a computer or smart phone connected to the internet. You can even set it up to send you Email or Text alerts.

 With KilnLink, you can have access to the following information:
  • Current Temperature
  • Graph of Firing
  • Current Program
  • Graphs of Every Firing
  • Programs Run
  • Start and End Times
  • Current Temperature
  • Graph of Firing
  • Current Program
  • Graphs of Every Firing
  • Programs Run
  • Start and End Times

How Does Kiln Work

Know what you kiln is doing at all hours of the day no matter where you are. You can check the current temperature, view a graph of the firing, even check multiple kilns. The peace of mind you will gain from knowing your kiln is safely off is invaluable.


Firing History & Diagnostics

All of your firings are logged on the server so you can go back and check your notes to see what has worked in the past. You can also monitor the costs of your electrical use for budgeting purposes.

Checking the amperage and voltage of your kiln is necessary at times in order to diagnose problems and anticipate maintenance. This can be expensive to hire a professional. With KilnLink all of that data is logged without even having to open the control box.

Firing History of Kiln With KilnLink, you can have access to the following information:
  • Voltage Readings
  • Amperage Readings by Section
  • Graphs of Every Firing
  • Programs Run
  • Start and End Times
  • Firing Costs
  • Firing Notes
  • Performance

Why Should My School Buy KilnLink?

Save Time and Gain Freedom
It seems everyday our schedules get tighter and tighter. Most teachers are required to monitor their kilns. KilnLink gives teachers the freedom to know what is going on with their kiln without having to go to the kiln room. That means more time with the students and more freedom for the teacher. Often times it is not realistic to keep a teacher at school for the entire length of a kiln firing. KilnLink can keep Ceramics a viable option for schools. Art Coordinators can even be authorized to view all the kilns in their district.

Save Money and Down Time
Kiln Maintenance can be expensive and unpredictable. With KilnLink Skutt technicians can pull up all the data they need to diagnose your kiln and avoid multiple trips from your kiln repair contractor. Your contractor can also be authorized so they can evaluate each kiln for future maintenance and handle problems before they happen.


Critical Temperature Ranges

A "Critical Temperature Range" is any temperature or temperature range in the firing cycle that has a high level of potential for limiting the success of the project. Limited success can be expressed as overfired, underfired, breakage, devitrification, or bubbles just to name a few. It can be argued that there are numerous critical temperature ranges. To keep things simple we are going to discuss the primary four: Heating Range, Process Range, Pre-Annealing Cooling Range, and Annealing Range.

Join Jim Skutt, President of Skutt Ceramic Products, as he walks you through the installation and operation of KilnLink, the brand new kiln monitoring package offered by Skutt.

See how Brian McCarthy of Highwater Clays in Asheville, NC uses KilnLink to schedule and monitor the kilns firing at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts.


PDF Information

The Heating Range goes from room temperature to the first set of data in the Process Range. The only concern during this range is heating the pieces too fast without adding steps to the program. Steps are hold periods at designated temperatures that allow the piece to balance out during the firing. Small pieces can normally be heated as fast as 800 F./Hr. as long as steps are added. With larger pieces you will want to slow the rate and possibly add additional steps depending on the size of the piece.

PDF File DownloadClick Here to See the Features and Benefits of KilnLink

PDF File DownloadClick Here to See Specifications and Installation Instructions



Please call a sale representative so we can help you get started with purchasing the Skutt KilnLink system. We can assist you in making your purchase based on your needs. If you have one kiln or an entire school system, we will evaluate your setup and guide you to the correct KilnLink purchase.

Skutrt Kiln Link

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Service Packages

  • 1 Year Service - $100.00
  • 5 Years Service - $325.00

 If you have any questions please contact us at (888) 838-3625


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