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Electro Sitter by Olympic Kilns

Replace your outdated kiln sitter with the NEW Electro Sitter by Olympic
Featuring electronic controller by Bartlett.

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Bartlett Electro Sitter

Electro Sitter will replace your obsolete kiln sitter model! It's easy, and best of all, parts are available! The Electro Sitter box is complete with thermocouple attached, and it has the option to fire either cone or ramp programs. The box will fit where the kiln sitter/timer are attached to the kiln. Simply remove the screws from the kiln sitter on front of the kiln, then detach wires connecting to the kiln sitter. Wires will be attached to the back of the Electro Sitter exactly as they were attached to the kiln sitter terminal block. This includes mercury relays standard!

If you havea LT-3 or Model-P Kiln Sitter, or any model sitter that is installed in a small electrical box, let us know
 when ordering (and provide a photo is possible). We will pass this information to Olympic and they will build an ElectroSitter that will fit correctly.

Please click here for  installation instructions on the new Bartlett Electro Sitter

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Bartlett Electro Sitter

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List $610.00 plus shipping
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