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AMACO Excel EX 365 Kiln

Discover the AMACO Excel EX 365 Kiln Today for Your Creative Needs


AMACO EX 365 Kiln

AMACO/ Brent

AMACO Excel EX 365SF Kiln

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 Furniture Kit:
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AMACO Kilns Two Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty

AMACO® kilns are covered by warranties limited to defects in materials and workmanship during the manufacturing process for the time period listed above. Components we purchase for equipment are covered only by those manufacturers’ warranties.

AMACO Select Fire Digital Controller EZ-Lift Option Optional Kiln Vent on Sale Today
Select Fire Controller
 The Select FireTM Kiln Control from Amaco® does all the work so you spend less time monitoring firings. It takes just a few minutes to program the entire firing cycle. Then, you\'re free to work on other projects in your studio or classroom.
EZ-Lift Option
 Only Available on 10 and 12 Sided Kilns! The EZ-Lift upgrade kit allows you to add the EZ-Lift hinge to any existing 10 or 12 sided EXCEL kiln. This spring-assisted hinge makes the lid lighter so you can lift it with a finger.
Optional Kiln Vent
This effective and economical vent can be mounted near the kiln or on a wall and can vent either one large or two small kilns. The vent is easy to install and operates from a standard 115 volt outlet.
Model Phase Inside Dimensions Cu. Ft. Cone/Max Temp Amps Watts Breaker
NEMA Plug Ship Wt. (lbs.)
EX 365 240V 1 22.38" x 27" 6.57 10/2350˚F 48 11520 60 6-50 300
EX 365  208V 1 22.38" x 27" 6.57 10/2350˚F 48 9980 60 6-50 300
EX 365  240V 3 22.38" x 27" 6.57 10/2350˚F 29.3 11520 40 15-50 300
EX 365  208V 3 22.38" x 27" 6.57 10/2350˚F 31.7 11000 40 15-50 300

Now your friendly eight sided AMACO Excel electric kiln can give you precise firing control that was available only on top of the line models just a few years ago. It is a versatile Cone 10 kiln that is a great work tool for porcelain and stoneware artists. Easy to move and economical to operate.

Additional Features

 * 22 3/4-inch diameter, 27-inches deep (6.57 cubic foot) firing chamber
* 3" firebrick
* EZ-Lift—heavy duty spring loaded hinge means effortless opening and closing (optional)
* Two-position, reinforced steel bar—secures lid while loading and unloading
* Reversible slabs—lid and bottom slabs can be turned over to use the other side, extending the life of the kiln
* 6 Kanthal A-1 elements
* Choice of Select FireTM Computer Control or Infinite Control Switches and Dawson Kiln-Sitter/Limit Timer
* 7-foot power cord with NEMA 6-50 plug (single phase) or NEMA 15-50 plug (three phase)
* Two year warranty

Kiln Furniture Kit Example
Example of kiln furniture kit.
Actual kit NOT shown
AMACO Excel EX 365 Kiln Furniture Kit

9 1" x 1" x 1" shelf supports
9 1" x 1" x 2" shelf supports
9 1" x 1" x 4" shelf supports
9 1" x 1" x 6" shelf supports
9 1" x 1" x 8" shelf supports
9 11/2" x 11/2" x 10" shelf supports
8 19" x 91/2" x 5/8" half round shelves
1 4 lb. carton Kiln Shelf Wash


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