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The Cress BT911T/ ET911 Kiln offers Cress Kilns at discount prices!




Cress BT911T Kiln

Cress ET911 Kiln

These kilns are compact kilns designed for the porcelain and doll making hobbyist and reach cone 6 on 120v. They can accommodate larger sized work.  The BT911T includes a kiln sitter and limit timer. The ET911 includes an electronic controller. Fits easily into the home studio situation and produces great results consistently!


List  $990.00/ $1100.00

         Our Price $792.00 / $880.00

*These kilns come with a Nema 5-20 plug that may require you to change the wall receptacle. These receptacles can be bought at your local hardware store usually for under $4 a piece.

Shelf kit includes 1 full shelf, 1 half shelf, 3 each of ?", 1", 2", 4" & 6" posts

Brick Thickness 3"
Cone Max 6
Chamber Width 11"
Chamber Depth 9"
Cubic Feet .55 
Outside Width 17"
Outside Depth 20.5"
Height 23"
Voltage 120
Breaker 20
Amperes 15
Kilowatts 1.7
Shipping Weight 80 lbs
Shipping Costs $98 US 

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Cress BT911T (with Dawson Kiln Sitter and Limit Timer) 792.00
Furniture Kit:


Cress ET911 (with electronic controller) $880.00
Furniture Kit:

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