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Glaze Stamps Glaze Crayons and Pencils
Glazes Glazes Continued

    • Envision Glaze
    • Envision Sprinkles
    • Artisan Glazes
    • Satin Glaze
    • Shimmer Glaze
    • Crystals & Crackles
    • Clear Glazes
    • Specialty Glaze
    • Designer Glaze
    • Courtyard Glaze
    • French Dimensions
    • Crystal Chips

    • True Matte Glazes
    • Metallic Glazes

Underglazes for Cone 04 Bisque

    • Concepts
    • Neon & Earth Tones
    • Neon Sprinkles
    • French Dimensions

Underglazes for Greenware

    • E-Z Stroke Transparent
    • Cover Coat Underglaze


    • Granite Stone
    • Bisque Stain Opaque Acrylic
    • Non-Fire Accessories
    • Sparklers Brush On Glitter
    • Ultra Metallics Stains
    • Ceramic Spray Sealers

Mid-Range Glazes (cone 5-6)

    • Mid-Range Matte Pastels
    • True Matte 5
    • Renaissance Glaze

Clear Glaze

    • Clear Glazes


    • Precious Metal Overglaze

The Duncan family has always operated with the mission of making it easy to experience creativity. I know that our founder Erma Duncan – a talented artist, ceramic arts educator and businesswoman – would be proud of the fact that even today we stand true to this mission, letting it guide us with every new idea, product and educational program that we create. No matter what you need to make your creativity a reality – whether it’s an extensive variety of superior-quality bisque, nontoxic low-fire and mid-range color, non-fired products, brushes and tools, ceramic arts educational programs or marketing support for business owners.

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Duncan Precision Tip Applicators

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