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Decal Paper for Ceramics

Create your own waterslide decals for your ceramic projects. The decals can also be used on ceramics, glass, enamel, models, plastic objects, and much more - all you will need is a laser printer. See the instructions at the bottom of this page for more.

Milestone Decal Art Decals

Fired On Images Decal Paper

As of 2019, a few of HP’s NEW Black Laser printers have changed their toner formulation. Before you buy a new HP printer for this process, please check the cartridge number on HP’s MSDS site to be sure your toner contains either Iron Oxide or Ferrite. HP LaserJet Supplies.

There is also a link on the FAQ page at ALL Canon Black-Only laser printers still work for this process.

Decal Paper Laser Decal Paper - 10 Sheets
(10) 8.5" x 11" sheets

List $31.00
Our Price $29.95

Decal Paper with Book Laser Decal Paper - 10 Sheets with Book
(10) 8.5" x 11" sheets with 20 page Book

List $53.95
Our Price $46.95

Fired-On Images FAQ and Troubleshooting

Fired On Images Book

Fired on Images Instruction Book

Fired on Images Instruction Book
 Explains in detail how to make your own kiln fire able decals in color format. Explains step by step instructions as well as new techniques on creating your own decals for ceramic work. Transfer paper is not included


Fired On Images Decal Paper Firing Temperature

Type of Glazed Surface Transfer Firing Temp
Ceramic: Including wall tile, dinnerware, and thick porcelain ornaments and all dinnerware that does not say microwave safe printed on the bottom Cone 08-05
Porcelain or Stoneware and Floor Tile: (floor tile should say "can be used on floor") Dinnerware should say microwave-safe on the bottom Cone 03-1

Transfer Firing Temperature Chart for Hand Applied Glazes

Image firing temp is method and brand specific. Use non-moving glazes!
If images fade too much... fire cooler. If images wipe off... fire hotter.
For best image contrast use a light-colored glaze.
White is the best for photographs.

Glaze Type and Brand Glaze Firing Temp On-Glaze Decal Firing Temp
Low Fire White and Colored Glazes    
**Spectrum 700, 300, 400 series Cone 06-05 Cone 08-06**
**Amaco GDC Majolica Cone 06 Cone 08-06**
**Mayco Stroke & Coat and **Foundations Cone 06 Cone 08-06**
**Gare Fun Strokes Cone 06 Cone 08-06**
**Duncan Concepts Cone 06 Cone 08-06**
**Colorobbia Bellissimo Cone 06 Cone 08-06**
Laguna Creatable Colors Cone 06 Cone 010-08
Amaco Teachers Pallete and LG Cone 06 Cone 010-08
     Other White and colored low fire brands not listed here  Cone 06-05 Cone 010-08
Low Fire (Cone 06) CLEAR Glaze
Most Low Fire (06) clear glazes. Including all PYOP clear dipping glaze Cone 06-05 Cone 014-012
EXCEPTION **Spectrum 700 Brush-on Clear / dark text and graphics work well (if using photos fire decal slightly lower than cone 06) Cone 06-05 Cone 08-06**
Mid-Range Clear and Colored Glazes
Duncan Renaissance Cone 5-6 Cone 06
Mayco Stoneware Cone 5-6 Cone 06
Laguna Versa 5 Cone 5-6 Cone 06
Amaco Celadon Snow (other colors to be tested) Cone 5-6 Cone 06
Coyote Enduro-color Liner glazes Cone 5-6 Cone 06-04
ALL Other cone 5-6 glazes Cone 5-6 Cone 06-04
Cone 10 Glazes Cone 10 Cone 02-1

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