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AMACO Lesson Plans

AMACO lesson plans provide an excellent starting point for creating memorable lessons which incorporate art history with hands-on classroom activities. The lessons are available in Video or PDF format. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Finished Mimbres bowl by Tracy Gamble

 Lesson Plan 60
"Mimbres Bowls"


Three ceramic cups glazed with CTL glazes

Lesson Plan 59
"Three Cups"

dancers on tile

Technique Sheet 58
"Underglaze Chalk Crayons Tutorial"


Three clay roses in a vase

Technique Sheet 57
"The Rose Project"

Photo of finished twisted vessel

Lesson Plan 56
"Twisted Vessels"


Photo of finished clay pitcher

Lesson Plan 54
"Clay Pitchers"

Photo of 3 figures created by Dee Schaad

Lesson Plan 51
"Whimsical Figures"

Photo of finished cubist style portraits

 Lesson Plan 50
"Cubist Clay Portrait"



Photo of a clay mask

Lesson Plan 49
"Clay Face Masks"


Photo of a tile created using Balsa-Foam as a stamp to create designs on a ceramic tile

Technique Sheet 48
"Printing & Embossing with Clay & Underglazes"


Photo of four Celestial Tiles

Lesson Plan 47
"Celestial Tiles"

Photo of three colorful ceramic caterpillars

Lesson Plan 46
"Colorful Caterpillars"


Photo of a ceramic Whimsical Fish

Lesson Plan 45
"Whimsical Fish"


Photo of a ceramic dragon

Lesson Plan 44
"Basic Clay Animals"

 Photo of ceramic birds

Lesson Plan 42
"Create a Flock of Birds"

Photo of ceramic image transfer piece

Lesson Plan 41
"Image Transfer: How to Make Clay Monoprint"


Photo of a ceramic barn and silo

Lesson Plan 40
"Barns and Silos"

Photo of ceramic dishes with three image transfer techniques

Lesson Plan 38
"3 Methods of Image Transfer and Printmaking with Clay and Underglazes"


Photo of ceramic mask

Lesson Plan 37
"Sgraffito with Clay and Underglazes"

Photo of a ceramic Vessel using Textured Molds

Lesson Plan 29
"Textured Pottery"

Photo of ceramic self-portrait by Cara Moczygemba

Lesson Plan 23
"Ceramic Self-Portrait as a Famous Artist"


Photo of a ceramic Plate

Technique Sheet 21
"Plates Everybody Can Make"

Photo of ceramic tea bowls

Technique Sheet 20
"Hand Built Tea Bowls"

Photo of ceramic house

Lesson Plan 17
"Mi Casa es Tu Casa"

Photo of a ceramic tile decorated with Rub n Buff

Lesson Plan 15
"A New Approach to Developing Images on Clay"


Photo of ceramic chinese vessels

Lesson Plan 14
"Recreating Chinese Bronze Vessels"


Photo of a ceramic Persian tile

Lesson Plan 12
"The Intricate Art of Persian Tiles"


Photo of ceramic cave art

Lesson Plan 11
"Cave Art Revisited"


Photo of glazed terra cotta pots

Lesson Plan 6
"A Passion for Pots"


Photo of ceramic dinosaur bones

Lesson Plan 5
"A Relief Sculpture of Dinosaur Bones"

Photo of ceramic self-portraits

Lesson Plan 4
"Portraits in Clay"

Photo of a ceramic tile mural

Lesson Plan 1
"Ceramic Tile Wall Murals"


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