Stroke and Coat® Wonderglaze® Information

Stroke & Coat  is the premier product to use in the "1-2-3 Step" method of decorating bisque. The variety of colors is not limited to the palette given, as all are intermixable to obtain intermediate shades. When applied heavily, the color will retain some dimensional qualities that give the decorator a useful tool in a variety of techniques. They can be applied over any non-moving glaze, underglaze or Astro Gem™ surface. When thinned Stroke & Coat is applied on top of a Series 2000 Matte surface in a brushstroke design or watercolor technique, Stroke & Coat takes on the underlying matte characteristic of the glaze. Two or three coats on top of a Series 2000 Matte will give a shinier surface.


  • Non-toxic
  • Apply to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque.
  • Apply one coat for a translucent look.
  • Apply three coats for solid opaque coverage.
  • All are intermixable.
  • True color out of the jar makes design work easier.
  • Use a soft glaze brush for ease of application.
  • Apply smooth and even coats for solid coverage. Dimensional or embossed effects can be achieved when applied heavily.
  • Glaze with any clear glaze.
  • Fire to shelf cone 06. Can be fired up to cone 6.
  • Dinnerware safe when used with a dinnerware approved clear glaze.
  • All luster compatible.
  • SC-69 and SC-70 are more translucent than the others. These may take 4 coats for opaque coverage.
  • IMPORTANT: SC-13 and SC-33 should have either C-101, C-105, C-109 or SC-209 glazes applied over them to produce the brightest and clearest color. Some non-toxic clear glazes can turn the color milky.

Stroke & Coat colors range from vibrant brights to pastel shades and Speckled Stroke & Coats provide a variety of speckled colors for today's decorating needs. They can be used in a variety of techniques like antiquing, banding, brushstroke work, dimensional accents, glaze butting, Majolica, marbleizing, spattering, sponging, stenciling and watercolor applications. A top coat of a clear glaze or a S-2000 transparent glaze should be applied to the dried color when not applied over an unfired glaze, as in a Majolica technique. Stroke & Coats are resistant to streaking or bleeding of the colors when the top coat of glaze is applied to the dry color, whether its dipped, sponged or brushed onto the surface. There is no running or bleeding of these glazes during firing.