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North Star #960 4" Stainless Standard Extruder Jumbo Package

north star equipment 4" stainless

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North Star 960

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*Note: Dropshipped from Manufacturer - Please allow for an estimated lead time of 14-18 weeks.


North Star Standard Extruder models are the simplest and safest extruders available for small to medium extrusions. The handle of the North Star extruder is longer than usual while the barrel is smaller than usual.  This gives plenty of leverage without ratcheting.  Consequently, there are no dangerous shackles, fewer pinch points, no clumsy multi-jointed handle to come loose, and no post or ratchet parts to wear out.   The handle is anchored at one fixed pivot point, completely eliminating the danger of a heavy steel bar slipping or suddenly offering no resistance.  Clay is loaded with the handle in the down position, again eliminating danger from a heavy, hard-to-control handle.  These machines hold about eight pounds of clay, which will give a longer extrusion than most people can handle at one time.

Package Includes the following dies:

1 - Basic Die Set : 1-Blank Die Plate
  2 - Separate Coil Dies
  1 - Shaped Coil Die
  1 - Die Mask

1 - Accessory Die Set: 1 - Large Coil Die
  2 - Large Ribbon Dies
  2 - Round Hollow Dies
  2 - Square Hollow Dies
  2 - Hex Hollow Dies
  1 - Z-Brace for Hollow Dies

21 - Additional Hollow Dies & 4 - Additional Solid Dies

  • 925DS1 Set
  • 925DS2 Set
  • 925DS3 Set
  • 925GS
  • 926A
  • 926B
  • 926C

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