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Handheld Extruder Die Sets

Advanced 9PC Die Set A

Advanced 9pc Die Set A
2.25 Inch Diameter


Basic 9pc Die Set B

Basic 9pc Die Set B
2.25 Inch Diameter


Set A+B 18 Piece Set Together

Basic 18 PC Die Set A + Set B
2.25 Inch Diameter


Scott Creek 2 inch 8PC Die Set

Scott Creek SC002 Clay Gun 2" 8PC Die Set


Shimpo 2 inch 8PC Die Set

Scott Creek SC039 Clay Gun 2" Hollow Die 8pc Set
*works w/ Scott Creek Clay Gun or XL Clay Gun


Shimpo 4 in 1 Extruder 10PC Die Set

Shimpo 4 IN 1 Extruder Die Set 10pc Set
for Hand-held Extruder

The 4 IN 1 Extruder die set comes with 9 dies and 1
block out die. Use the block out die to cover three of the four size options on each 4 IN 1 die. Simply place the desired 4 in 1 die with the block out die over it. Insert the two dies into our hand-held extruder and begin extruding.


9PC Die Set

9PC 2" Hollow Die Set for
Super Duper Clay Extruder Gun &
HEX65 Super HD Extrusion Gun

List $39.95


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