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Skutt Micro Scarab Glass Kiln

Discover the Skutt Micro Scarab Kiln Today for Your Glass Annealing Projects

Skutt Micro Scarab Glass Kiln

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Find helpful information on Skutt Kilns by clicking here or the image below. Discover videos that explain everything from basic kiln maintenance to programming the Skutt KilnMaster digital kiln  controller

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Removable Chassis Optional Secondary Point Rest
Removable Chassis
 Let’s face it, these kilns are heavy!. The last thing you want to do is to start wrestling around with them to get at a component that needs to be replaced. All Scarab kilns are designed with a Removable Chassis which holds all the main electrical and electronic components. Just remove the screws that hold it in place and slide it out. You can even disconnect the power cord and ship the whole thing back to Skutt for testing if necessary.

One of the most problematic components of kilns has traditionally been the relays. Mechanical relays have a limited life which is why Skutt has upgraded all Scarab Kilns with Solid State Relays. These relays or kept cool with a fan mounted in the side of the kiln (not necessary on the Micro Scarab because the Amps are so low).


Includes Secondary Point Rest
 The Secondary Point Rests, another unique design of Marcel Braun, are generally ordered on just about every Scarab that goes out of here. Flameworkers love its ability to hold long handles, preventing their work from popping up off the floor. Its well thought out design allows you to move the rest to almost any position you want. It not only moves in and out but also moves up and down. The scalloped edge ensures that your rods will stay in place..
Model Voltage Phase Opening Cu. Ft. Max Temp Amps Watts NEMA
Ship Wt. (lbs.)
MINI SCARAB 120V 1 12" x 7.50" 0.5 1700˚F 14.3 1650 5-15 15 130
  • The Studio Series kilns are the most popular among the serious home fusers. Their economical price coupled with their large firing chambers make them flexible and affordable.

  • Balanced stainless steel main door that opens and closes to a tight seal with ease.

  • Powder coated for durability and is more environmentally friendly.

  • Balanced wood door handle that's cool to the touch.

  • Easy-Glide point rest with an optional 4" rests for more loading flexibility.

  • Re-engineered hinge is smooth and precise.

  • New Secondary Point Rest smoothly moves up and down, and in and out with ease with new scalloped profile.

  • Vent holes keep electronics cool.

  • Slide-out chassis allows easy access to components.

  • Easy to use controller designed by Flame Working Artist Marcel Braun specifically for Borosilicate Glass. "You Just Press GO!"

Skutt Kiln 2 Year Warranty
Skutt 2 Year Warranty

Skutt’s 2 year warranty is straight forward. If you have a failed component on your kiln within 2 years of purchasing it, we will fix it. We will pay parts AND labor. Many of our full service distributors will even repair the kiln on site. Due to the fact that it is possible to exceed the estimated life of a thermocouple before the end of the warranty period, thermocouples are the only items we do not cover under our warranty.

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