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Giffin Grip 10

Click Here for the Bailey Quick Trim and Quick Trim II

New Grip Design
New Giffin Grip Design

Blue Sliders
BSTK10 Blue Sliders Tune Up Kit

The Model 10 upgrade kit is recommended for existing customers who own earlier Giffin Grips and would like to upgrade to the latest design changes. (Please see below to order)

Giffin Grip

New Design

After a simple one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel. It halves the time previously spent in trimming and makes practical trimming shapes that would otherwise have been left untrimmed. Includes 3 basic sliders, 3 wide sliders and rod set with new hands.
The new slider design incorporates the latest in Solid Works CAD design and computer driven machining. The blue sliders were carefully engineered to improve the Giffin Grip's precision and range of use. The Bottom Brackets have also been strengthened with two new ribs. Choose between the Standard (Counter Clockwise) or the Japanese Style (Clockwise)

Retail $219.00

$189.88 Delivered!

Giffin Grip 10



Giffin Grip Flex Slider III

Retail $39.95


Years ago Bill Hunt, then editor of Ceramics Monthly, encouraged Brian Giffin into developing a flexible slider for holding asymmetrical pots. Back then, it seemed that there was not that much need. Today, however, innovative potters are exploring a vast range of shapes and techniques. Many want to use their Giffin Grip for trimming their wonky, asymmetrical, rectangular or handbuilt work. Thus, the Flex Slider III!

Giffin Tec brings to the Flex Slider III the same commitment to elegance in engineering that has made the Giffin Grip famous world wide. Designed with state of the art software and built of sturdy injection molded plastic, the Flex Slider III solves the problem of holding out of round pieces securely on the Giffin Grip. It is easy to assemble and intuitive to use. In minutes the potter will be ready to work with confidence, trimming, banding, or throwing on almost any shape imaginable!

The Flex Slider will fit all Giffin Grips manufactured within the last 30 years.
Jumbo Platter Extender for Giffin Grip on Sale Today Giffin Grip Jumbo Platter Extender

New for 2010. The Jumbo Platter extender. 24" platter for clay pieces up to 23" (58cm). This is the perfect companion for trimming larger pieces

Retail $99.95



Giffin Grip Bag GGB1 Giffin Grip Bag - GGB1

Awesome canvas carrying bag for your Giffin Grip and accessories. Has one inside zipper pocket, one outside pocket, and a zipper closure. Made by Enviro Tote, an ecologically aware, women-run business.
You can take your Giffin Grip anywhere! Or anything else you want
to carry!


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Giffen Grip Picture
Replacement Parts
BWS-3 - Blue Wide Slider
With molded pad. Set of 3

List $26.98
Our Price $19.95

OR2S3 - (2) O-Rings & (3) Shims

Holds Top and Bottom Plates together

List $3.50
Our Price $3.18

FP3 Foam Pads
(3 pads included):
Fits all basic sliders and
wide sliders

List $3.25
Our Price $2.88

FP3 Foam Pads:  

CFP1 - Center Foam Pad (1)
Useful for pitchers, bottles, and etc.

List $7.95
Our Price $6.88

WS3 - Wide Sliders
3 Sliders included (Fits all plastic plate models since 1982)

Holds wide pottery

List $14.95
Our Price $13.48

PBS3 - Molded Pads for New Blue Sliders
Set of 3 for the Blue Sliders

List $6.95
Our Price $6.28

RH23  2" Rods with Hands
(3 rods and 3 hands):
Supports small pots.

List $9.95
Our Price $8.98

RH23  2" Rods with Hands:

RH33  3"  Rods with Hands
(3 rods and 3 hands):
Supports small & med. pots

List $9.95
Our Price $8.98

RH33  3"  Rods with Hands:

RH43  4"  Rods with Hands
(3 rods and 3 hands):
Supports med. pots.

List $9.95
Our Price $8.98

RH43  4"  Rods with Hands:

RH53  5" Rods with Hands
(3 rods and 3 hands):
Supports med. to tall pots.

List $9.95
Our Price $8.98

RH53  5" Rods with Hands:

RH63  6" Rods with Hands
(3 rods and 3 hands):
Supports tall pots.

List $9.95
Our Price $8.98

RH63  6" Rods with Hands:

R15W15  15 Rods with 15 Hands
(3 ea. 2",3",4",5",6" Rods & Hands):
Holds a variety of different shapes and sizes of pottery.

List $44.95
Our Price $39.88

R15W15  15 Rods with 15 Hands:

BSTK10 - Model 10 Upgrade Kit

This kit includes: 3 Blue Basic Sliders, 3 Blue Wide Sliders, 6 pads, 1 O-ring, 2 Shims and 3 Bottom Brackets.

List $49.95
Our Price $44.98

BB3 - Bottom Brackets

Holds Giffin Grip to potters wheel. (Fits all plastic plate models since 1982)

List $19.95
Our Price $17.88

BBS-3 - Blue Basic Slider

With molded pad. Set of 3

List $29.95
Our Price $26.98

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