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Diamond Tools

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Canary Carvers - developed by us, to replace the DiamondCore carvers. More information will be coming in the near future!

Diamond Point Hand Pads

Diamond Point Hand Pads measure 3.5" x 2.25" and come in 60, 120 and 200 grit. These pads will smooth off high-fired glaze or clay quicker than any other type of sandpaper or abrasive. Use wet or dry.

Diamond Sanding Pads

Qty Description Price
Diamond Point Hand Pad 60 Grit $14.98
Diamond Point Hand Pad 120 Grit $14.98
OUT Diamond Point Hand Pad 200 Grit $14.98

Diamond Grinding Discs

Our Diamond Grit Sanding Discs measure 10" in diameter and come mounted on a 12" bat. They come in 80, 240, 500 and 1500 grit. Use a lower grit to grind away glaze and finer grits to smooth bare clay to a mirror finish. Always add water to prevent dust when grinding and apply light pressure.

Diamond Grinding Discs

Qty Description Price
OUT Diamond Grinding Disc 80 Grit on Brown Bat $69.00
OUT Diamond Grinding Disc 240 Grit on Green Bat $69.00
Diamond Grinding Disc 500 Grit on Blue Bat $69.00
Diamond Grinding Disc 1500 Grit on Orange Bat $69.00

Diamond Files

Diamond grit on these 6.5" x .375" files will smooth off high-fired glaze or clay quickly and much more easily than any other type of sandpaper or abrasive. Use wet or dry. File is constructed of slightly flexible ABS plastic.

DiamondCore Tools Diamond Files

Qty Description Price
J2 Diamond File 60/120 Grit $8.00
J3 Diamond File 60/240 Grit $8.00

Hole Drills

Solid DiamondCore Hole Drills for rapidly making holes in high-fired Clay Ceramics, porcelain pots, bisqueware or glass. (Diamond section of drill is solid diamond matrix, not just a layer of diamonds on the outer edge.) Drill holes for salt shaker plugs, to hang pieces, or for drain holes for plants, for holes in fountains, or sink basins etc. With DiamondCore hole drills it isn’t necessary to calculate shrinkage of a hole in order to get the desired hole size.

DiamondCore Tools Hole Drills

Qty Description Price
6mm Hole Drill $23.00
8mm Hole Drill $27.00
15mm Hole Drill $29.00
19mm Hole Drill $33.00

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