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Paragon Super Dragon Kiln

Buy the Paragon Super Dragon Kiln Today for All of Your Creative Projects

Paragon Super Dragon Kiln

Paragon Super Dragon Kiln

TF61 Auxiliary Output:
TF62 - Data Port:
Orton Kiln Vent:
Door Elements:
Shelf Kit:


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TF61 Controller TF62 Port
 AUXILIARY OUTPUT FOR SENTRY II CONTROLLERS (VENT CONTROL) The AOP (Auxiliary Output) is an electrical outlet mounted to the kiln. Plug either a downdraft vent or an external alarm into the AOP.
 RS232 PORT ON SENTRY II CONTROLLERS (PC CONTROL) The RS232 is a computer port mounted to the kiln. You can monitor the kiln from a computer and store a record of each firing on your hard drive. Print graphs of firings.

The Super Dragon is an industrial furnace designed for pottery and ceramic studios. And considering its features, it is surprisingly affordable.

The Super Dragon exudes power. Its 21,600 watts heat the 27" wide, 27" deep, 36" high interior to cone 10 with ample power to spare. This results in long element life, because the elements do not “struggle" to reach high temperatures. Dropped, recessed grooves seat industrial-gauge elements.

Extra insulation saves energy and lengthens cooling. The 4" thick walls, top and door are made of 3" firebrick backed by 1" of ceramic fiber block insulation. The floor is 4 ˝" thick firebrick. The extra insulation not only saves energy but also cools the kiln slowly without having to turn the elements back on. This gives the micro-crystalline structure and color of the glaze sufficient time for full development. Cool slowly to achieve dramatic shifts in glaze color such as iron reds and enjoy the richer look of gas firing. Create breathtaking pottery in the exciting Super Dragon.

Optional Shelf Kit: 1 C-30 Shelf, 4 - C30H ˝ Shelf, 1˝" wide Square Posts, 8 each of -4", 6", 8" lengths, 1 lb. Bag Kiln Wash

Sentry Digital 12 Key Control Sentry Digital 12 Key Control

The reliable solid-state Sentry controller continually monitors the firing so you can spend your time productively without closely watching the kiln. (Please remember, however, to check the kiln during firing and to monitor it near the expected shutoff time.) The sealed touch pad keeps out dust and is easy to wipe clean.

Max. Temperature 2350F
Amps 90
Phase 1
Watts 21600
Nema Direct
Breaker Size 100
Circuit Wire Size 0 gauge
Control Type Sentry Digital 12-key Ceramics
Voltage 240
Hertz 60
Sides 4
Chamber Volume 15.30 CU.FT.
433.25 litres
Chamber Width 27.00
686 mm
Chamber Depth 27.00
686 mm
Chamber Height 36.00
915 mm
Outer Size 54.00W x 54.00D x 85.00H Inches
1372W x 1372D x 2159H mm
Ship Size 60.00W x 60.00D x 90.00H Inches
1524W x 1524D x 2286H mm
Ship Weight 975.00 Lbs.
442.26 Kg.


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