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Studio 1 Package

L&L Easy-Fire Model e28S


The 6.8 cu ft e28S kiln is perfect for one-kiln studios, combining larger capacity with ease of operation. The Dynatrol digital controller fires the kiln automatically-- the 28" diameter, 18" depth and spring-assisted lid make it easy to load and unload. This all-inclusive package includes the furniture kit for stacking work inside the kiln (details below), Vent-sure system to help keep your studio environment clean and safe, and shipping via freight carrier!

Furniture/Accessory Kit: Six 26'' half shelves, six ½'' posts and four each: 1'', 2'', 4'', 6'', 8'' and 10'' square posts plus five pounds of Cone 10 kiln wash, dark viewing glasses and a pair of temperature resistant gloves for loading.

Energy, Time and Firing Costs: Typical heat up to Cone 6 with a 85 pound load and with Vent-Sure on at 240 Volt/single phase is 6 hours, 52 kW hours, $4.16 @ 8 cents per kW hour.

Maximum Temp 2350 F
Shipping Weight 500 lbs
Amps @ 240v 47.9
Watts @ 240v 11500
Phase 1
Volts 208 or 240
Fuse Size 60 AMPS
  • Brick: 3" of premium select K23
  • Exterior Size: 40'' wide by 32'' high by 50'' deep
  • Recommended Floor Space: 60'' wide by 60'' deep
  • Control: DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control, 4 preset programs, 6 user-defined programs
  • Thermocouples: Two Heavy-duty 8 gauge with industrial ceramic protection tubes
  • Hinge: Easy-Lift, Easy-Load Spring Hinge
  • Stand: Full Support Aluminized stand
  • Power Hook Up: Single phase only. Gets a 50 amp 6-50P cord

Glazes, Brushes, and Accessories

Studio 1- You get 36 pints of Mayco Foundations in a variety of best selling colors, one 3-Gallon pail of clear dipping glaze, 36 plastic palettes, 1 brush assortment (192 brushes), 1 Health & Safety bulletin, 1 Mayco book, 1 Ceramics 101 book, 6 detailer tips with bottles, an assortment of sponges (approximately 8), glazing tongs, a Foundations color chip chart for reference & an assortment of 36 stilts for use during glaze firing.

Bisqueware Package

Total cost of bisqueware after discount


Shipping & Handling charges FREE
Total investment in bisqueware $4,900.57
Resale value of bisqueware $16,300 +
Total number of pieces ~2000

Your bisqueware will be the most profitable item for resale-- there is enough bisqueware here to net over $16,300 and recoup the entire initial investment on your studio!

The Bottom Line

e28S Kiln Package- Kiln, Vent, Furniture + S&H: $3,603.00
Mayco Glazes, Brushes, Accessories + S&H: $1250.00
Total Bisqueware + S&H: $4,400.57
GRAND TOTAL: $8,968.32 - this is an additional $285.25 OFF wholesale