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Kiln Wash & Cement

Kiln Cement

Kiln Seal

Amaco Kiln Cement

Premixed - For brick repair

Amaco Kiln Seal

Premixed-- Inhibits formation of brick dust

Kiln Cement 1-lb Jar $7.99:

Kiln Seal 8oz Jar $6.98:

Glass Separator

Liquid Kiln Coating

Glass Separator

Dry - For slumping and fusing

Kiln Wash

Dry - For glaze firing ceramics

Kiln Cement

Dry - For kiln repair and coating

Liquid Kiln Coating

Liquid - For kiln repair and lid coating

Glass Sep. 1-lb Bag $7.49

Grog - 5lb. Bag: $11.88

Kiln Wash 1-lb Bag $4.98
Kiln Wash 5-lb Bag $12.98: 

Dry Kiln Repair Cement
1-lb bag $7.98:

Liquid Kiln Coating

Mayco Kiln Wash AC-001

Mayco Kiln Wash AC-001

Kiln Wash in a wide-mouth pint jar.

Shake or stir well. Thin with water if needed. Prior to applying, wipe the kiln shelf with a damp sponge to remove dust. Brush two to three uniform coats
to kiln shelf, allowing Kiln Wash to
semi-dry between coats. Not recommend for use with conventionally formulated kiln washes. Remove conventionally formulated kiln washes prior to application of Mayco Kiln Wash.

Mayco Kiln Wash
AC-001 Pint
List: $13.50
Our Price: $8.99

L&L Kiln Brick Repair Kit

L&L Kiln Brick Repair Kit

A brick repair kit, specially formulated for L&L kilns.

L&L Kiln Brick Repair Kit
Our Price: $49.88

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