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Evenheat Glass Kilns on Sale Today at the Right Prices You Want at!

Evenheat Glass Kilns

Shop today and discover low prices on our full line of Evenheat Glass Kilns. Evenheat is a leader in glass kiln designs. Innovative kilns like the Evenheat Fishbone kiln showcase the Evenheat's unique way of handling the demands of the serious glass artist.
      Inside Dimensions Max Temp Voltage
Studio Pro Kiln Studio Pro CLICK HERE 8" x  8" 1800˚F 120V

Evenheat Studio Pro Stp
Studio Pro STP CLICK HERE 8" x  8" 1800˚F 120V

Evenheat Fishbone Kiln
Fishbone CLICK HERE 14.25" x  7.5" x 3.5" 1200˚F 120V

Studio Pro 14
Studio Pro 14 CLICK HERE 14.5" x  14.5" x 6.5" 1650˚F 120V

Studio Pro 24 CLICK HERE 24" x  24" x 13.5" 1800˚F 240V

Studio Pro 41 CLICK HERE 40.5" x  25.25" x 13.5" 1800˚F 240V

Evenheat GTS-13
GTS-23-13 CLICK HERE 23.5" x 13" 1800˚F 240V
GTS 2541-13
GTS 2541-13 CLICK HERE 41" x  25.25" x 13" 1650˚F 120V
Shop for Discount Prices on Evenheat Electric Glass Kilns. 

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