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Evenheat GTS 41

Discover the Evenheat GTS 41 Today! Designed for Firing Glass!

Evenheat GTS 41 Glass Kiln

Evenheat GTS 41 Kiln

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Furniture Kit:
Controller: Solid State Relay:


The GTS 41 is Evenheat's largest top loading glass kiln. The firing chamber dimensions exactly match the Studio Pro 41 to give you a large, uninterrupted firing surface.

The GTS 41 features our TAP Touchscreen, Genesis Touchscreen, Rampmaster or Set-Pro controls and is standard equipped with our exclusive Swing View Adjustable Viewing, Wide Lid Handle and Full Stainless Jackets.

The GTS 41 is designed to fire glass and is quite capable of all glass related firing up to 1800°F, such as painting, fusing, slumping, casting, etc. It should be noted that the GTS 41 is designed to fire a single layer or shelf. The nature of the GTS 41 is to provide heat from the lid elements directly to the shelf containing the glass. Attempting to fire glass below the top shelf is likely to lead to frustration and disappointment.

While the GTS 41 is designed exclusively for glass work it is possible to fire a variety of materials including metal clays, low fire ceramic, china paints and metals processing provided the firing temperatures do not exceed 1800°F.

Skutt Information and Videos - Please Click HereFeatures:

  • Access Port
  • Seamless, Full Shelf
  • Swing View Adjustable Control
  • Power Interrupt Switch
  • Top and Side Fire Configuration
  • Top Load
  • Fiber Lid Construction
  • Wide Lid Handle
  • Large Size

Furniture Kit Includes:

  • (1) 39.3" x 24" Full Shelf
  • (12) 1/2" Post
  • (1) 3" Reed Brush
  • (1) 24oz Glass Separator
Controller Options
TAP Touchscreen Controller Set-Pro with Express  Rampmaster with Express Mode
Optional TAP Control
The TAP Controller features a touchscreen design that offers a large screen with full text . All commands and menu items are legible, easy to read and easy to operate. Simply respond to the screen with a touch!

The TAP Controller is supplied pre-loaded with firing schedules as well as allowing the artist to create and store their own custom programs.

On-the-fly features such as adding time to a hold, adding temperature to a hold and skipping ahead are available and easy to use.

Learn More about the TAP Kiln Controller Click Here

Set-Pro w/ Express Mode
The Set-Pro with Express Mode, is Evenheat's easy to use 3 button
temperature control.

The Set-Pro with Express Mode allows you to program your glass firings using your glass COE, firing style and firing speed. It's quick, it's easy and it's accurate. For more advanced firing, the Set-Pro also allows you to define all the firing details using the Custom Mode. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned veteran the Set-Pro with Express Mode has you covered with features and reliable operation.

"On-the-Fly" features allow you to add time and temperature to your holds along with a skip ahead feature.  

   Optional Rampmaster with Express Mode
The Rampmaster w/ Express Mode is Evenheat's full featured automatic temperature control. It offers two programming methods depending on your needs and experience: Express Mode and Custom Mode.

Express Mode is a programming method designed exclusively for glass work and offers an easy, 3 step programming process. Simply key in your glass COE, firing style and firing speed to create the firing program. It's quick, it's easy and it's accurate.

Custom Mode is a programming method that allows you to define all aspects of the firing from temperature rates to set points and hold times. Custom Mode offers full artistic control.

Chamber Width 40.5"
Chamber Length 25.25"
Chamber Height 13.5"
Chamber Volume 7.52 cu ft
Max Cone-Temp. 1800 F (982 C)
Voltage 240V | 208V
Phase Single | Three
Controller Set-Pro
Amps 45 | 48A
Watts 10,800 | 9984
Breaker Size 60 amp
Shipping Weight 365 lbs
Plug Type NEMA 6-50P
Evenheat Kiln was founded in 1948 by John and Margaret Watson. The beginning of Evenheat can be traced indirectly back to the late 1890's when Margaret's grandmother was a china painter. Not having kilns at the time she fired her ware in a pit in the backyard. Margaret so admired her grandma's lovely paintings that she decided to try her hand at this art.

John decided to build a kiln to fire his wife's ware. This eliminated transporting the fragile china across town for firing. It was suggested that John build kilns for shops to sell: hence the birth of Evenheat. Personal kilns were unique at this time with Evenheat being one of the pioneers.
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