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Laguna Crackle Glazes
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Laguna Crackle glazes fracture light and show off color like you won't believe. These glazes are lead free and non toxic, but due to the danger of bacterial growth in the fractured glaze surface, they are not offered as dinnerware safe. Fires to Cone 5.

Laguna WC-130 Fractal Cream
WC-130 Fractal Cream

Laguna WC-131 Tang Lime
WC-131 Tang Lime

Laguna WC-132 Analin Green
WC-132 Analin Green

Laguna WC-133 Apache Green
WC-133 Apache Green

Laguna WC-134 Emerald Isle
WC-134 Emerald Isle

Laguna WC-135 Lacy Mauve
WC-135 Lacy Mauve

Laguna WC-136 Catalina Crackle
WC-136 Catalina Crackle


Laguna WC-137 Sky Crackle
WC-137 Sky Crackle

Laguna WC-138 Twilight Blue
WC-138 Twilight Blue

Laguna WC-139 Ocean Teal
WC-139 Ocean Teal

Laguna WC-140 Forest Jade
WC-140 Forest Jade

Laguna WC-141 Desert Sky
WC-141 Desert Sky

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