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Duncan Overglaze

Go for gold with Duncan's Precious Metals! Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant gold accents that’ll make your project look like a million bucks!

One coat of Precious Metals offers opaque coverage. Apply over gloss glazes for a shiny sheen or matte glazes for a subtle luster. Fires to Cone 019 to 018.

Duncan Overglaze Premium Gold OG805

Premium Gold

Retail: $49.00  0.07oz.

0.07 oz. $36.75

Duncan Overglaze White Gold OG802

White Gold

Retail: $32.95 0.07oz.

0.07 oz. $24.71

Duncan Overglaze Bright Gold OG801

Bright Gold

Retail: $32.95 0.07oz.

0.07 oz. $24.71

Duncan Overglaze Mother-of-Pearl


We've captured the timeless, iridescent beauty of everyone’s favorite gemstone and transformed it into a translucent overglaze, ideal for adding that classic luster to your pieces!

Mother-of-Pearl can be easily applied and its appearance will vary with the type of glaze over which it is applied. Over a gloss glaze, Mother-of-Pearl adds a shiny luster and when applied over a matte glaze, it adds a subtle sheen. Fires to Cone 020.

Retail: $6.15  0.5 oz.

0.5 oz $4.61


Duncan Overglaze OA-901 Essence

OA-901 Essence

Retail: $6.15  0.5 oz.

 Don’t let water and other solvents get the best of your projects! Capture the essence of good brush and tool hygiene with Essence – the must-have solution for cleaning all of your brushes and tools used with overglazes.

Essence is the perfect accessory to working with Duncan overglazes; other cleaning agents may contain water or solvents, resulting in the separation of overglaze during subsequent applications. Use a separate bottle of Essence for each overglaze product.

0.5 oz. $4.61

Schilling Inc Gold Rush Ceramic Pen

Schilling Inc.
Ceramic Pen
Gold Rush

The Schilling Inc. Gold Ceramic Pen is pre-filled with .4 cc's of easily-applied, fire-on liquid gold for gold trim and decoration on ceramic, porcelain, and glass. After firing, it will produce brilliant gold lines for permanent decorations and for writing or signing your ceramic, porcelain, or glass artwork. It works just like a felt tip pen—gently press down on the tip to allow the gold to flow. Pens are sold individually.

*Note: Do Not Shake Pen & Store Cap Side Down

Gold Rush $33.00

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