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Duncan Color Burst Crystal Chips (cone 06-6)

Crystal  Chips on Duncan Envision Glazes

Buy Description Price
CR875 Pitch Black $6.26
CR876 White Hot $6.26
CR877 Blue Surge $6.26
CR878 Orange Blast $6.26
CR879 Green Thunder $6.26
CR880 Yellow Burst $6.26
CR881 Purple Blaze $6.26
CR882 Red Eruption $6.26
CR883 Duncan Dots $6.26
CR884 Mint Blizzard $6.26
CR885 Poppin Papaya $6.26
CR886 Espresso Beans $6.26
CR887 Heavy Metal $6.26

Make your ceramic art projects explode with an eruption of color!

  • Nontoxic

  • Food safe

  • Fires cone 06 to cone 6

  • Available in a popular array of colors 

  • Each container includes various sized chips

  • Combine and use with any glaze for one-of-a-kind results

  • Available in 2-oz. containers.

New Duncan Crystal Chips

Color Burst Crystal Chips pair up beautifully with a multitude of glazes for limitless color combinations!

For added fun and appeal, the crystals behave differently depending on the slope of your surface:

  • Horizontal: flat surfaces allow the crystals to spread out evenly and uniformly.
  • Sloped: pieces with inclined designs help the crystals slide and produce dramatic and unpredictable results.
  • Vertical: vertical surfaces let gravity do the work. During firing, crystals are pulled downward, creating dazzling, drip-like effects.

Due to the versatile nature of the crystals when combined with different glazes, it is recommended to test first using a tile at horizontal and vertical angles.

Crystal  Chips on Duncan Satin Glazes Crystal  Chips on Duncan Courtyard Art Glazes Crystal  Chips on Duncan Designer Glazes

Attention: Colors shown are the most accurate representations available. However, due to the limitations of web and monitor color display, we cannot guarantee that the colors will exactly match the final results.

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