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Duncan Ceramic Spray Sealer

Seal the deal! Let your creativity shine at its best and brightest with Duncan Spray Sealers – the finishing touch to your ceramic work of art. Ceramic Spray Sealers are final spray coatings that produce smooth, hard surfaces and are used to brighten colors and protect the finishes of objects decorated with non-fired color products.

SS340 Gloss 12oz. Spray    

Formulated to produce extremely lustrous, smooth, and
hard final finish

Retail: $7.50 12oz. Spray 

  12oz Spray $5.63


SS341 Satin 12oz. Spray 

Well suited as a final finish over drybrushed items 

Retail: $7.50 12oz. Spray 

  12oz Spray $5.63



SS342 Matte 12oz. Spray 

Provides a shine-free protective surface

Retail: $7.50 12oz. Spray 

  12oz Spray $5.63



How to use Spray Sealers

1. Shake can well before each use.
2. Holding can upright, 8-12 inches from surface, spray with slow, even motion.
3. Surface should have overall wet look, but don't spray too heavily to avoid sags and drips.
4. Wipe valve clean.

Tips & Techniques

1. After spraying, turn can upside down and spray until only clear gas appears.
2. If spray stops or is irregular, twist off spray head and clean.
3. Test spray on cardboard first to prevent sputtering.

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