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Coyote Enduro-Color Liner Glazes


Restaurant quality dinnerware glazes from Coyote. Engineered for durability these glazes are resistant to crazing, staining, knife marking, scratching and chipping. They also have superior resistance to degradation from alkalis (dishwashing) or attack from acids and leaching (lemon juice, etc.). If you are interested in a durable, stable liner glaze for your food ware your search is over!

Enduro-Color glazes are great for any surface needing a beautiful, enduring finish. Their toughness makes them ideal for kitchen backsplash and counter tops, outdoor sculptures or mosaics, anywhere a durable glaze is preferred. Fires to Cone 5-6.

ATTN: 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 lb, 10 lb and 25 lb sizes ship direct and will arrive separately in 10-12 business days!

Coyote MBG-180 Honeydew
MBG-180 Honeydew

Coyote MBG-181 Cool Artichoke
MBG-181 Cool Artichoke

Coyote MBG-182 Satin White Liner
MBG-182 Satin White Liner

Coyote MBG-183 Deep Avocado
MBG-183 Deep Avocado

Coyote MBG-184 Cornsilk
MBG-184 Cornsilk

Coyote MBG-185 Walnut
MBG-185 Walnut

Coyote MBG-186 Gloss White Liner
MBG-186 Gloss White Liner

Coyote MBG-187 Apricot
MBG-187 Apricot

Coyote MBG-188 Sweet Plum
MBG-188 Sweet Plum

Coyote MBG-189 Beechnut
MBG-189 Beechnut

Coyote MBG-190 Summer Peach
MBG-190 Summer Peach

Coyote MBG-191 Blue Cornflower
MBG-191 Blue Cornflower

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