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Botz Plus 9020 offers Botz Glazes at discount prices!

Increases the effects, especially on Botz Stoneware glazes. Available in 200 ml and 800 ml sizes. Application is extremely simple. Before firing, brush on BOTZ PLUS in 1–3 layers as the last layer and let dry. Blending in different layer thicknesses provides particularly attractive results. Caution: for vessels, only apply a thin layer to the bottom area. BOTZ PLUS can be applied evenly or unevenly and also stirred into the glaze. 

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Botz Plus 9020
Botz Plus 9020
List: $5.95 (200 ml)
List: $18.95 (800 ml)
200ml $2.38
800ml $7.58
Botz Plus 9877 Botz Plus 9877

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